Adorable Log Chalet By Perr Blockhauser

When it comes to log houses and cabin buildings there are several options to choose from. You'll want to look around to determine which company best suits your lifestyle, budget, and needs. One option you have when choosing your log cabin is to go with a company that does square block construction. This company does a variety of log cabin designs to include mountain huts, hunting huts, alpine huts, ski huts, or fishermen's huts to name a few. Their log cabins and functional buildings in square block construction offer countless advantages for smaller wooden houses that every client wants. The log cabin designers are also happy to plan and build offices, restaurants, forest huts, salesrooms, alpine huts, chalets, boathouses, fishermen's houses, garages, shepherd's huts, kiosks, and more in any size for you. They make your dreams of a log cabin made of Viekantstammen real.

One of the best parts about a log cabin is that the walls consist of only one continuous building material and that is wood. Wood exudes an inviting-homely atmosphere and ensures comfortable living comfort. The massive natural walls regulate the humidity in a completely natural way. Thus, the log walls provide a pleasantly cool room climate in summer and comforting warmth in the winter. The inhabitants of a log cabin are surrounded by solid wood and can experience the very special properties of wood directly. Wood is still a living building material when felled and can absorb moisture from the air and release it again. The moisture is stored in the cells and released again in dry room air. The wood thus naturally regulates the humidity, which is in the optimal range for humans and animals. Due to these properties of wood, the log cabin is bestowed a particularly good indoor climate. Particularly, it is said that the log walls breathe.

Protection against heat and cold is another benefit of log cabin designs. Wood has one of the highest heat storage capabilities among building materials, which means that the absorbed heat energy is stored and buffered longer. In summer, the warm air comes from the outside, and the wood delays the heat flow so that it stays cool for as long as possible. In winter it is exactly the opposite, where the warm air comes from the inside and the wooden walls counteract the loss of heat.

Log cabin buildings offer the ideal place to sleep. The thick solid wood walls dampen most of the from the outside coming high-frequency rays and let the body rest. For extremely sensitive people, special windows can also be installed in the log cabin bedrooms, so the mobile radio beams remain measurably outside and you have an almost mobile-free bedroom. To keep the radiation exposure in the house low (by electrical installation and electrical appliances), it is recommended to set up shielded cables and a mains-free function at the sleeping place. The pleasant odorants from the untreated solid wood are consciously or unconsciously taken, lower the pulse rate and provide ideal conditions in the bedroom.

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