Absolutely Beautiful 20-foot Tiny House With 2 Lofts, a Sky Bridge and a Porch

This beautiful 20-Foot tiny house on wheels has two lofts, 200 square feet of space, one bedroom and one bathroo. The tiny house design is for sale, priced at $34,000 and is located in Port Townsend, Washington. The 20-foot long tiny house on wheels with two lofts, a porch and sky bridge. The tiny home is finished inside out, with furnishings to include a couch, and a kitchen with a fridge. The tiny house on wheels has waterproof vinyl flooring with a cushy base through the living room, kitchen and bathroom. The tiny house has plastic trim in the bathroom, as opposed to wood. The kitchen has a propane stonve, and a propane tankless water heater. The tiny home has an electric heater that warms the tiny house in ten minutes. The tiny house on wheels has 11 windows, a ladder that slides out and stows and solid live edge maple sky bridge from loft to loft. The tiny house has a great trailer with no rust, and is an extremely road worthy tiny home. It weighs 9,000 pounds and is a great space that can be used for personal home, rental or for an Airbnb.

This tiny house on wheels has a nice covered back porch, a great place to sit back and enjoy your morning tea. Inside there is a cute kitchen with plenty of kitchen cabinets and counterspace for preparing your meals. There is an open living room area at the back of the tiny home which makes for a cozy living space for full time living, a vacation home, artist studio, writers retreat, backyard office and so much more.

One of the biggest benefits of having a tiny home on wheels is the ability to just hitch it to a truck and then drive it to a new location. Whether you are trying to move to a new location or just go on vacation without having to pack up everything you need, having a tiny on wheels makes it surprisingly easy to see new places. Different tiny houses are built in different ways. Some tiny houses are equipped with solar panels and rainwater collection. The tiny houses are designed to live completely off grid and can be parked just about anywhere that you want. Other tiny houses are built more traditionally, needing water and power hookups. These tiny houses are better suited to dedicated land or plots or RV/mobile home parking. No matter how you design your tiny house on wheels, its potential mobility is a huge benefit.

Another benefit of small house living is its environmenatally friendly. Because your tiny house is going to be so small, you can make a lot of it out of repurposed, recycled, and salvaged building materials. In addition to making your tiny house look stylish and unique, it also saves that same amount of new building materials from being made. You can also set up your tiny home to live off the grid. Using solar or wind resources to give your tiny house power, using a filtration system and rainwater catch, and installing a composting toilet are all steps to enabling your tiny house on wheels to be functional anywhere in the world.

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