A Wooden Home With Perfect Floor Plan

There is a good reason that log cabins have been around for hundreds of years, and it's no surprise that they are as popular today as they were in years gone by. Today log cabin buildings are better than ever with the combination of technology and years of experience, cabin builders have taken the homes to a whole new level. At Perr, they use only domestic, winter-like, and dried spruce trunks for their holiday log houses and weekend houses made of square trunks. These logs are processed on state-of-the-art, computer-controlled machines with tenths of a millimeter accuracy. Each of their log houses is unique and is manufactured individually according to your wishes.

The following wood thicknesses are available for the outer walls to include 16 by 20 cm, 18 by 20 cm, 20 by 20 cm, and 22 by 20 cm with triple tongue and groove connection and corresponding sealing tapes. With the interior walls of their holiday homes and weekend houses made of square wood, you can choose between 10 by 20 cm, 12 by 20 cm, and 14 by 20 cm wood thickness. The log home kits from Perr are quality designs that will be sure to stand the test of time. They offer a variety of log cabin styles and designs to choose from.

Square log cabin kits. All of the exterior and interior walls are made of glued, dried, planed, and chamfered spruce woods. Beams with 2 to 3 times groove and spring, corner connection with Tyrolean lock, wall thicknesses up to 280 mm, inner walls are connected to the outer walls with dovetail pins, screw connection continuously with threaded rods and required log cabin tension springs, T-boards vertically on both sides of door and window openings, sealing tapes on the corner and longitudinal connections, all holes for threaded rods and electrical cables. Alternatively, the beams are not glued with core or core-separated.

Sleeping loft. In the log cabins with sleeping lofts the beams are made of dried, planed, and chamfered square beams that are neatly incorporated into the walls, including the necessary sealing tapes, floorboards groove, and spring 24 mm, round wood railing. The sleeping loft is located above the rear rooms. The roof truss of Perr's holiday log cabins consists of domestic winter-like spruce woods, square timbers core-separated, chamber-dried, planed and chamfered, purlins, rafters, and rafters intermediate timbers neatly incorporated into the walls, including the necessary sealing tapes in the canopy area, slightly profiled on request.

Soil is an on-site concrete slab with bitumen cover or point foundations.

The floor frames are made of tapped square timbers with dovetail connection, boiler pressure impregnated or in nature. The log cabins have high-quality carpentry spruce doors, external doors on both sides, interior doors with filling, including sturdy lining and cladding, including the necessary sealing tapes. On request, you can order a front door with a small window. The cabins have high-quality carpentry spruce windows and patio doors with crossbars, thermal insulation glazing 2-fold (UG 1.1), and spruce folding shutters, including sturdy linings and cladding as well as the necessary sealing tapes.

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