A Very Private Log House Getaway in Lebanon

This log house vacation getaway has the best view in Lebanon. The log cabin building is located in Harissa, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon and can accommodate up to 4 guests with one bedroom, and one bathroom. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire cabin building to yourself. This log house is a great escape from city life. This is a very private log cabin building located in the middle of Harissa mountain, surrounded by natural greenery, with a unique panoramic view to the bay of Jounieh. The log house is considered the best view of Lebanon. This log cabin building is suitable for any couple on a romantic vacation getaway or a family and friends barbecue to enjoy some quiet outdoor quality time. The wood cabin is only a 35-minute taxi ride from Beirut airport with traffic and 15 minutes without traffic. Either way, enjoy peace of mind. Quiet peaceful location, beautiful greenery, private and not far from the city. The cabin building accommodates a small group of friends comfortably or a couple who are looking to spend some quiet time to enjoy the best views in Lebanon.

The wood cabin is made from logs and fits up to 4 people comfortably. The wood cabin has a king-sized size bed for 2 people and two open sofas that fit one person each, also, there is an air mattress for 2 people ready to be used. The cabin building has a kitchen with two mini bar fridges, microwave, stove, kettle, and a full cooking set. The owners can provide you with all barbecues and barbecue tools but you need to bring your stuff like charcoal and food items. This unique log cabin building is designed for anyone anytime. The Harissa location lets you enjoy a sunset view at any time of the day, any season of the year. You can enjoy the entire property privately, with full access to the cabin building, the garden beneath and the terrace. Use the back for grilling and the two barbecue grills are ready to use.

You'll enjoy the bed that fits two people comfortably, in addition to the two open sofas and a very comfortable two-person air mattress that is ready to use. You can walk around in the garden and you might even see some rabbits. You'll enjoy the longest sunset you can ever imagine. You only need to bring along your food and beverage, the place has everything else. No more than six people are allowed at the same time, the guest should notify the host if there are going to be any extra visitors. You'll want to note that music should be on moderate volume only in the area as it is considered to be a quiet and private area.

The cozy cabin building is quiet, green and close to everything. The location is considered as a holy mountain since it is located right under the lady of Harissa and the Basilica Church. There are no more than 5 cars allowed in the area on the street and the music should be set to an average volume. There is a stand-by taxi that is always available 24/7 for transport in the area as well as Uber and Karim.

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