A Tiny Home Custom Build Used as a Full-Time Residence

You will fall in love with this Roca Residence tiny house. Charming inside and out, with 664 square feet of living space spread out over two levels. This adorable tiny house design is located in Ashland, Oregon, and was designed by Carlos Delgado Architects and built by Jerry Nutter Construction who all did a fabulous job of this small home. The home is lived in full-time and was featured in the first issue of Tiny Homes Magazine in April of 2018. On the exterior of the tiny house, the home is painted a greyish brown, with stained wood that goes well together. The outdoor patio in the front is a great place to sit and have dinner, or just look at the stars at night. You also have a lower back patio with a chiminea, and a hot tub beside it.

Inside the small space there are lots of white walls to leave the tiny house space feeling open and spacious. Wood floor in the tiny house gives some warmth to the place too which is needed. The tiny house furnishings and tiny house decor used are what set this tiny house design feel like home with lots of comfy couches and beds, with lots of pillows and good colourful quilts that give a nice cozy feel to the place. The location is another good point with this tiny house, lots of trees and greenery make this tiny house location provide a nice backdrop to the tiny home.

There is also a retaining wall buried below grade and the living room is on the lower level of the home which allows the heat to travel up into the bedroom. The house also has a generous stairwell and awning windows which are both great features of a tiny house. They added in a 30K BTU natural gas stove and ceiling fans to circulate the warm air and in the summertime, the below-grade home also stays nice and cool. While many people would use a space this size as a vacation home or a cottage, this home is lived in as a permanent residence because the client wanted to reduce her footprint and be more environmentally friendly.

This seems to be the trend with those who want to live in smaller homes, an urge to be more eco-friendly home. Another reason is to have a more affordable space, both in the building of the home and while living in the home. Smaller homes like this one will cost less to heat and cool, which is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. something most people want to get on board with. These smaller homes are also sometimes made to be completely off-grid with solar power, water catchment systems and composting toilets. Usually, homes under 900 square feet are considered to be small homes, but they can get much smaller than 600 square feet like this one is. There are homes people live in full-time that are only 100 square feet. Could you live in a smaller home like this one full-time?

More about this story can be found at: Carlos Delgado Architect

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