A Stunning Timber Frame Log House in Texas

This captivating timber frame log home is nestled on the edge of the Cedar Creek Reservoir, located just southeast of Dallas. The log home has beautiful timber framing that adds character and natural warmth to almost every room in the luxury log house. The custom log house has custom trusses in the entryway and throughout the great room, exposed floor joists in the breakfast nook, and timbers that frame the cozy screened-in log house porch. This custom log house is 5,924 square feet and won the 2019 Excellence in Timber Home Design NAHB Building Systems Councils. The mountain style log house located in Texas has beautiful finishes throughout.

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This luxury log house was built by PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes a premier designer and producer of luxury log houses and timber frame houses. PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes offers a total home solution that begins with the custom home design of your mountain log home and concludes when you turn the key. Instead of focusing on the log house materials, they treat your custom log house project as a whole, offering the services that you need to complete your log house.

PrecisonCraft is committed to sustainability. Their focus is on helping people to build sustainable log homes, but they believe it is also important to act responsibly within the environment. Some of the actions they practice so far include sawdust from their mill is collected and sold to local dairies, they use LEAN manufacturing procedures to help reduce waste and energy consumption, all scrap wood is collected and recycled, they added high-efficient LED, and CF lighting to their remodelled showroom and they recycle paper, plastic, aluminum, magazines and cardboard.

Nothing compares to the beauty and the artistry of an authentic handcrafted log house. Each log is individually selected, then hand cut and placed into the log house using the Houseal Non-Settling System. The look of a handcrafted log house brings to mind the historic lodges and the rustic landscapes of the old west. A PrecisionCraft handcrafted log house is designed to look as if it were hundreds of years old and built to last generations.

Some of the characteristics of a handcrafted log house include tapered logs with a larger diameter on one end of the log than the other, large character posts, authentic, hand-hewn texture, larger diameter logs than a milled log house and chinking is visible between the log courses. Other characteristics os log houses include higher turnkey costs to build, construction of a handcrafted house will take longer to complete. When building a handcrafted log house with Precision Craft, the hand-peeling of each log is done with a drawknife; each log is cut to fit exactly into the space needed, with a chainsaw, a chisel or axe. The log house is pre-assembled log by log in the lot in Idaho; once the logs are stacked, they are pre-drilled for the Houseal Non-settling System, which will be installed at the job site. The log house is disassembled, and loaded onto trucks for transport. The same crew who assembled the log house in their lot will travel to your building site and install your log house structure. Once the log house is complete, the stain and chinking will be added to seal your log home.

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