A Stunning Log Home With Decorative Timber Frame

When it comes to home designs there are a variety of styles and designs to choose from, with timber frames being one of the most popular options. Timber frame accents, inside or outside, can add plenty of charm and character to your home design. When you combine structural and decorative elements you'll have endless design opportunities to meet any budget. It helps to work with an experienced team of designers, engineers, and timbersmiths to help design and craft your home to last for generations to come.

These timber frame builders naturally air dry all of their timbers for a minimum of one year before cutting. Their timber homes are custom-crafted with the look and feel of authentic traditional wood joinery and are manufactured on their state-of-the-art CNC machines. These machines ensure that each timber is cut and drilled with optimal precision. Additionally, quality assurance experts dry-fit the timbers to ensure a perfect fit in the factory, eliminating the need to cut timber on-site which in turn saves you costly time and labor in the field. As unique as each homeowner, these beautiful timber frame homes are enhanced by the beauty of their surroundings. A photo does not capture the unique character and beauty of these structures.

There are plenty of benefits to building a timber frame home design, and something to match every budget and need. This US-based architectural design/build manufacturer can help you find a timber frame design in the size and style that best suits you. One benefit of timber-framed home designs is that they can offer wide spacing between the bents and posts which allows for some freedom in the placement of the windows and doors which allows for larger than average areas for glass. Timber framing home designs are also energy efficient. With the option of enclosing the timber frame architectural designs with some insulated wall and roof panels, the timber frame design becomes highly energy efficient which will help to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Other benefits of timber-framed home designs include that they are stronger and more durable, there are no load-bearing walls in timber frame structures, which allows for changes to the floor plan with no structural consequences. Less wood is usually used in timber frame designs than in a stud-wall structure, with the use of sustainable building materials, such as local wood, which can help to contribute to a lower carbon footprint and lower cost to the environment. A very low carbon footprint is created when local woods are used. The timber frame building process creates almost no waste, and when you compare that with stick-built sites, you'll find less waste at the construction site which means less pressure on waste treatment plants/landfills. Timber frame waste can be recycled. Craftsmanship is encouraged and enhanced by the owner’s and framer’s knowledge that the timber frame will be seen and admired by the inhabitants and guests for years to come. Using wood offers a much more pleasing living environment than concrete, with a well-designed timber frame home being a wonderful environment to live in.

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