A Quiet Yurt in Rhone-Alpes, France

This is a vacation idea that you will be sure to love. The quiet yurt located in Rhone-Alpes, France can accommodate up to 6 guests, with one bedroom, and 6 beds. The beautiful location is surrounded by nature with scenic views all around. The yurt is a good size at 50 square meters. Everywhere you look there are 360-degree views of the Baujus Mountains (Massif of Bauges).

The yurt vacation rental has a lot of activities that are nearby to include mountain biking, trekking, climbing, and skiing. Close by there are the lakes of Aix les Bains and Annecy. The yurt is a circular, good housing design environment to get fresh ideas, rejuvenate, or meditate. Inside there is a big wood stove that helps to warm the atmosphere. The yurt vacation home design is accessible during both summer and winter alike. In the case of snowfall, it will be necessary to finish the trek on foot, on snowshoes or skis according to what you prefer. The last part of the trek is cleared. Close to the yurt is a small wooden chalet that is equipped for dry toilets and a shower to isolate. The wood for the woodstove is at will. The massif of Bauges is a very protected place, with the presence of lynx and chamois. The local products in the area are delicious cheeses.

The yurt accommodation is described as wonderful, located in the heart of a stunning region, the spacious vacation rental provides for an experience that is tranquil, relaxing, and enriching. The yurt vacation rental is located in Bellecombe-en-Bauges, Rhone-Alps, France. The public transportation is the Francony bus, with the bus stopping at Les Cantalous at Lescheraines which is 3 kilometers from the yurt. You can also find the bus at the train station Annecy or d'Aix Les Bains.

For the eco-housing enthusiast, yurts are eco-friendly, built upon a raised platform, these eco home designs produce little impact upon the elements they stand on. The yurt building beams and fabrics are also environmentally friendly and can be completely sustainable. The fabric that is used to insulate and shroud the yurt leaves only a small environmental footprint, and can even prove to be beneficial for people who have chemical sensitivities to the materials that are used in contemporary building materials. As well as being environmentally friendly, a yurt home design is environmentally compatible. The rounded façade of a yurt tiny home blends into its natural surroundings better than its rectangular contemporaries.

There is more to a yurt than meets the eye. The structure of a yurt allows the yurt building to withstand strong winds, earthquakes, and heavy snowfall too. The strength and durability of a yurt allow for their use in many areas around the world. The portability of a yurt tiny house is an attractive feature for those who want to experiment with forest, mountain, or beach living without having to commit to a permanent structure. The openness of the interior of a yurt also allows for many uses as well. Yurt tiny house owners can partition areas for sleeping, cooking, and eating, or, leave the entire yurt building open. Yurts tiny houses can be used for basically anything, and anywhere. Whether you want to have a yoga studio on the cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean or live in a loft located in a valley of the Rockies, a yurt home design can make that happen.

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