A Modern Barn Home with a Cozy, Rustic Interior

The Little Farm Barn style house has low slung eaves, untreated weatherboarded elevations and subtle projections and recessions, for a stunning family home that sits within a walled garden in the heart of a historic village. The builders working with a local architectural designer who had already secured the planning approval for a weatherboarded, for a contemporary barn style house in the walled garden of their former family home. After living in a period home that was over 500-years-old, energy efficiency was an important factor for the owners, and the fabric first approach with Border Oak appealed to the owners, as well as the full build service and reputation for quality craftsmanship.

The exterior of the barn style house echoes the threshing barn vernacular that was typical of East Anglia, with its sweeping roofline and low eaves. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV The palette of building materials is deliberately restricted to include boarding, slate, grey joinery and glass, used to reflect the location and to weather softly over time. The ground floor is predominantly an open plan with its long sight lines that connect the rooms seamlessly and eventually leading the eye to the garden that is beyond. There is a sense of reveal and journey with this barn style house, with each room having an interesting feature that helps to create interest and focus.

Functionality has been considered throughout the barn style house with a raft of hardworking hidden spaces to include a media room, walk-in pantry, boot room, home office and utility room that supports the bright, informal and the generous family rooms. The barn style house has an independent bedroom suite located on the ground floor which is ideal for guests but also offers a bit of adaptability for future needs. The modern home has large sections of glazing to include bifolds and a Juliette balcony, that has been sensitively incorporated to help give the barn style house a modern yet timeless appearance.

The Little Farm Barn has an exceptional artisanal character, but the architectural detailing of the home ensures that the building is of its time and that it contributes to the relevance of the oak framing in the 21st century. The beautiful barn style house is located in Cambridgeshire and has 4,348 square feet of space. The home took 40 weeks to build and features a weatherboarded exterior, ground floor bedroom, broken plan layout, vaulted ceilings and low eaves. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION

Border Oak believes that their buildings should positively contribute to the environment in the widest possible sense. It is their goal to design a building that reflects your sustainability aims, and as a bespoke design company, they have complete flexibility while always keeping sustainability at their core. Their approach is broad-based and starts with their renowned fabric first approach. They produce buildings that are super-insulated, use natural materials and low embodies energy processes and passive solar orientated. Oak framing is arguably on of the most ecological construction products available, and Border Oak is very proud that they are one of only a handful of construction companies that are fully certified for the supply of timber with ethical procurement policy.

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