A Luxurious Rustic Log Cabin from 1790 - Wait Till You See Inside!

This stunning cabin building is just the thing for history buffs, originally built in 1790 the wood cabin is situated on 11 acres of land in Bernville, Pennsylvania. The historic cabin building is located near Reading, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and the Lehigh Valley. The cabin building has five bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and plenty of features to love. It was for sale in 2017 but has since sold. The 2,048-square-foot log house structure has been lovingly renovated while still retaining its historical rustic charm. You'll find a restored wood-burning fireplace and stainless steel appliances. The wood cabin has exposed beam ceilings and original floors as well as new windows and a jacuzzi tub. A big part of this wood cabins charm is the original wood that you will find throughout.

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You might not be able to find a historic cabin building such as this in the location where you live, but one way to get the rustic look of antique wood is by using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is a growing trend these days for new log house construction and cabin building projects and is something that is becoming more and more popular. Private contractors have begun renovating both log house designs, and public spaces with wood reclaimed from old barns, houses, factories, and commercial buildings, across America. Whether you are building a new log house or renovating a rustic cabin building, reclaimed wood can add the character that you want.

Working with reclaimed wood is popular in both rustic log house designs and modern cabin buildings. You might choose to use a barn wood accent wall in a room in your log house or use reclaimed for the beams. Reclaimed wood comes in a range of shapes and sizes and a variety of places. There is nothing that can compare to an authentic piece of reclaimed wood; it has a unique story to tell and a look all its own. Regardless of the source of your reclaimed wood you choose to use in your log house design, there are a few tips for using this type of wood. If you use reclaimed barn wood, it may have been in the elements for a 100 years or more. The reclaimed wood may be covered in dirt, dead bugs, amongst other things. Because of this, you will need to clean it. Start by using a stiff nylon bristle brush and give the wood a brisk rub down. This will help get rid of any loose dirt. Follow this up with a quick spray with an air hose to clean off the finer particles of dirt.

Some people like to clean the reclaimed wood with a high-pressure water sprayer, but you have to be careful, or you may risk damaging the wood. Next, you will need to inspect the reclaimed barn wood for any remaining metal. As part of a barn, the boards would have been nailed to the barn structure, and some of the nails may be left behind. Using reclaimed wood is a great way to get the rustic cabin building look that is so popular these days.

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