A Luxurious Little House Boat

Get your own private pontoon for the ultimate houseboat experience. If you really love being in the water or around water then perhaps one of these cute and stylish houseboats would be perfect for you. Havana House Boats has a variety of designs to choose from but since they allow their customers to change the designs each plan is different from the next. They offer a comprehensive design consultation when people call in for their services and then they will take it to the next level by sketching up some designs in 3D software. The design process costs around $900 to get started, and then they take it from there to create the houseboat of your dreams. They have a few different designs including the G-52 which you see here, the V-45, T-45 and F-45 each a bit different from the next. Each of the houseboats comes with a twin-engine and runs on regular gasoline. The company is located in Queensland, Australia so their prices are in AUD and one of their houseboats costs around $375,000 which would be about $267,675 USD. The houseboats are made out of strong fibreglass material with great windows and optimal seating spaces. These are luxury self-sufficient houseboats, so there is enough solar power to run all of your appliances including air conditioning and a water heater. So you could take the houseboat out in the middle of the water and be fine for days at a time as long as you brought food and water.

There's even a master bedroom downstairs with a TV, then a guest bedroom that's downstairs as well. Upstairs there is a study or a 3rd bedroom with panoramic views. There are also 2 living room areas which would be lovely to lounge in and a gourmet kitchen with everything you'd need to cook meals including all appliances, even a dishwasher. There's also a home theater with surround sound for relaxing evenings watching shows or movies. They are like floating condos perfect for people who want to take a vacation or live full-time on the water. Plus, they're more affordable than the regular luxury houseboats which are making a market for those who want a houseboat but nothing too large and pricey. The managing director of Havana Houseboats Matt Duncan said the concept came from wanting to make houseboats more affordable. He says that people will save half of the money they would normally spend on a houseboat. These houseboats can be moved in the water or on land to different locations making them very attractive to people who want to tour around different areas by water.

Plus, you can't beat the views no matter where you have it anchored. The bedroom features 180-degree views, with a built-in queen size bed and built-in closets with an en suite bathroom. The floating apartments can be smaller with only one bedroom, a bit larger with two bedrooms or large with 3 or 4 bedrooms. As for the toilet system, which many people worry about they have included a PODS (Portable overboard discharge system) for live-aboard boats. It's a floating cassette-style holding tank which is properly sealed which then gets towed to the marina's pump out facility with a smaller boat to be dumped out safely. This would be an awesome way to see a lot of Australia and maybe even New Zealand too depending on how far these boats are able to travel. It's nice to see more modern houseboat designs that offer more livability that you and the older models have to love those affordable prices as well right?

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