A Gorgeous, Natural and Spacious Log Home With a Striking Central Fireplace

So many people love the look of a natural log home like this one from Ward Cedar Log Homes built in Indianapolis. This log home belongs to a pediatric cardiologist at Riley Children’s Hospital and his wife, so the home had to be built close to the hospital so he could access it easily. They lived in the city for a while, but once the couple's kids went off to college, they decided to go in a different direction with a log home. Both of them had always loved log homes and the warmth they exude, so they chose to build a log home for their next place to live. They drew up rough plans of their ideal log home designs and started to look for builders to make their dream come true. This is usually how it starts when building any home. First with the idea and then drawing out the ideal floor plans to become a home. Then, once that's done, you have to look for the perfect builder. Most people choose a builder in their area, but you can also choose one that's further away if they suit your needs and preferences better. Finding land is also a huge part of building a log home too. Luckily, for this log home, they found a subdivision close to ponds and walking trails, nestled in the forest. They decided on a 3-acre property that had all they wanted. They felt remote, but they were also super close to the city within a 5-minute drive to direct access to the downtown core.

They came across a custom log home builder, and a Ward Sales Representative named Dennis Ward who had been in the log building business since 1985. His work was really impressive to the couple, so they were completely sold by going with him and Ward Cedar Log Homes for their log home project. They got to work on creating the design and then once the design was complete, the log builders got to work building their dream home. The home is constructed from 6-by-6 northern white cedar D-shaped logs that are joined with butt-and-pass intersections at the corners. They also added a purlin roof system made from white spruce. Cedar is a great option when it comes to the logs in a log home since they will last for years, even centuries thanks to their amazing properties including a natural chemical that deters insects and wards off mold and rot. The home ended up being 2,800 square feet with a blend of traditional and rustic design components. There are also 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms in the home which means they'll have plenty of room for when they're kids come to visit. From the outside, this log home looks warm and inviting with a beautiful design including peaks and dormers as well as a stone chimney.

Inside the log home, the high cathedral ceilings are the most impressive feature off the bat and the exposed beams definitely make a big impact as well. The fireplace is also a focal point in the living room and is used for many cozy nights and cold mornings. The kitchen and dining area share space with the living room, so they feel like they're all in the same place when they're visiting instead of separated in smaller rooms. Having a nice open floor plan like this does so much for the space, but also for the people living in the space as well. There's plenty of other features to love about this log home floor plan from the large bedrooms to the luxurious bathrooms, and you can't forget the wrap around deck either.

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