A Custom Wood Apartment Barn In Pine Hollow, Oregon

This barn style home in Pine Hollow Oregon is as good as it gets. The custom wood apartment barn is perfect for life in the country. The custom apartment barn features stamped concrete floors that look like old hardwood flooring, all wooden interior that has exposed post and beam timbers, three piece crown molding, an all wood interior, six custom horse stalls, along with custom solid core doors with rustic hardware. This barn construction also has an amazing exterior with pine soffits for all of the overhangs, timber trusses on both ends, log siding on the lower level of the barn, clear cedar on the upper level, and Pella windows throughout. The lean-to on the side of the barn offers up a nice covered patio space, and the several barn doors add to the custom look. This custom apartment barn has a hardwood deck the overlooks the owners' private lake. This beautiful barn builds living quarters upstairs and is a great example of how you can mix work with your home in a barn design that you will love.

Barn style houses are more popular than ever with people using them not just for livestock and farming equipment storage but to live in full-time, or for use as secondary homes. The style of barn style homes is often the classic post and beam and timber frame design that uses fewer, and larger wooden posts and beams than the typical type of construction. Timber frame and post and beam barn style houses offer increased strength and durability, being the perfect type of construction for barns. The post and beam style of construction is also known as the method of heavy timber frame construction that uses large vertical posts and horizontal beams. You can see these wooden beams when you go inside a barn construction, and it is a big part of their aesthetic appeal.

The exposed wooden beams that you find throughout a barn architectural design is a big reason people love them so much. Another reason that people love barn style houses so much is their open floor plans that you will find inside. Barns style houses are great for entertaining and hanging out with family and friends. You will find more and more barn style construction used as wedding barns, event barns and more. Another advantage of timber frame barn construction is the fact that they can be built quickly, without compromising the quality of the barn structure.

Gambrel barn architectural designs are one of the most popular styles of barns and feature two different roof pitches, with one of them being steep and the other being shallow. Dutch doors are another popular feature that you will find in barn construction. The doors are divided up horizontally, so the top half of the door can be opened while the bottom half of the door remains closed. These doors are a common addition to horse stalls, and let in light and ventilation into the barn room while still keeping the animals safe inside.

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