A Completely Unique and Handmade Log Cottage for Nature Lovers

Take a look inside of this Nadgora, Opstina Zabljak, Montenegro log cabin that can accommodate up to 8 guests with 3 bedrooms, 6 beds, and 1.5 baths. You'll love the comfortable cabin and all it has to offer with its dining table with cozy seating all around, and its beautiful location surrounded by nature and scenic views. Nadgora is a quiet resort that is located within the National Park Durmitor and is just 3. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV5 miles from Zabljak. During your cabin vacation stay you can take a short ride towards Curevac sightseeing spot, and within 10 minutes you"ll stumble upon untouched nature with dreamy log cottages and local hosts making homemade organic food. In the summertime, there are guided tours are offered from trekking and mushroom picking to mountain bike riding, rafting, canyoning, and horseback riding. During the winter months, the tours range from snow trekking, skiing, and cross country skiing.

Zabljak in Opstina Zabljak is a town located in Montenegro about 50 miles north of Podgorica, the country's capital place. There are several Unesco world heritage sites nearby. The closest heritage site in Montenegro is Durmitor National Park in a distance of 6 miles West. During your vacation stay, you might visit some of the following locations to include Savnik, Pluzine, Pljevlja, Cajnice, and Niksic.

There are several advantages to staying in or owning a log home over more conventional home construction. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION Longtime log cabin homeowners say that log and timber homes offer many rewards over the stick and brick homes of their neighbors. The benefits start with the building materials. The following are just some of the benefits to consider.

Long-Lasting. There are plenty of stories of log homes weathering some of the worst weather such as the 2005 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The home’s solid log walls withstood the weight of winds, toppled trees, and prevented damage in several situations.

Trees are Renewable Resources. Trees are a renewable resource, log homes are made from solid logs, so you have the benefit of taking the carbon contained in those logs out of the environmental circulation over the entire life of the log home. Moreover, some log home builders harvest standing dead timber (done in by pesky insects) or purchase logs that come from forests certified as sustainable. Some log house builders are constructing log homes to green building standards as well.

Super Energy Efficient. When a log home is sealed properly (between the foundation and the first course of logs, between the log-to-log connections, and where the roof system meets the log wall), you can have a super energy-efficient log home.

The warmth of Wood. Logs are warm to the touch as they have something called thermal mass, a natural property in the logs that helps keep inside temperatures of homes comfortable in all seasons. Log homes are known to stay warmer in the winter months, and cooler in the summer months. This allows the log walls to collect and store energy, then radiate it back into the home.

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