$6000 Shed Turned Into An Affordable Tiny Home

You'll want to watch this video that shows how one retiree bought a $6,000 shed and made it into an affordable tiny home. This woman kept her budget for her tiny home under $35,000 and she DIYed the whole project. In this video, Ellen a 67-year-old retiree shares her story of how she found the shed, how much everything cost including permits and utilities plus what maintenance issues has come up over the years since she moved into her beautiful tiny house. Ellen took a $6,000 shed and turned it into a beautiful tiny home.

In the video, she'll show a full tour of her tiny house, and talk about her trials and tribulations, and how she put it all together. She'll also share what it took to get all the utilities to the tiny house, with the water and electricity, and the cable. She also discusses all the issues that have come up since she has owned the tiny house. To start, Ellen was living in Austin, Texas for 14 years, and she decided to move back home. At the time she was living in a 1,200-square-foot condo and she was trying to figure out how to come back home and have an affordable living situation. So she found out about this building that someone owned and they were going to turn it into an art studio.

The tiny house is now about 8 years old, the original owner had bought it on a lot that sells outdoor buildings that people turn into sheds, but Ellen made a house out of it. Ellen knew that the lady wanted to sell the shed, so she decided to buy it and move it to her son's land. Her son who lives in California, let her live on his property. She bought the house used and gutted it out from what the original owner had done to make it a home. Her main focus was to make the tiny home affordable. The shed was moved in April because of the rainwater, and then she didn't move in until November of 2016. Ellen loves sitting on her front covered porch, she has little wind chimes out front, a solar light, and plants to enjoy.

The tiny home has a septic system and a split-level air conditioning unit. The tiny house has an open-concept living area with a bathroom and a closet, and it's worked out perfectly because it is nice and roomy. The tiny home is 384 square feet in size. Ellen says it doesn't feel like she is living in a tiny space. The main thing she built the tiny house for is $35,000 which is what she wanted to put into the build. Ellen is 67, and she didn't want to be drowning in debt at that age. When you walk into the tiny home you will see the open floor plan with its kitchen cabinets that were already in the shed when she purchased it. For the full tiny house tour, you will want to watch the entire video.

More about this story can be found at: YouTube - Kristina Smallhorn

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