Where the Money Goes in a Typical Log Home Build

The dreaming part of building a home is the fun part, but when it comes down to planning and especially budgeting, it can be quite shocking to see how quickly everything adds up. You may have been looking at log home or log cabin kits or models and noticing the great prices on them, but when you get a full estimate, the numbers seem to have doubled just like that. So where does all the money go in a typical log home build? Well, one of the biggest parts of building a log home is having the land to build it on which can cost just as much as the log home itself depending on where you're buying land. Putting a down payment on a piece of land sometimes requires 50% of the price of the land too, which can be a hefty amount in most cases. A good idea to keep costs lower is to buy a piece of land in an area that's not as populated or not as popular to live in. So instead of buying in or just outside of a major city or a popular destination, buy something that's an hour away or so. You'll find that almost always, prices will be lower for land in these areas.

You can also look to buy a piece of land that already has a small home or cottage on it which can, in that case, be mortgagable. This allows you to get a mortgage instead of a land loan which requires a lower down payment and might cost you less overall. You will need to keep the house on the property and even possibly live in the original home for a certain period of time, but in the meantime, you could be planning and building your log house and saving up for it too. The other thing that costs a lot is the foundation to set the house on which is usually best to be done by a professional because if your foundation is off, the entire house will be off. So it pays to invest good money in the foundation. If your land doesn't have services like electricity, water and sewage, this will also cost you a lot to install, as well as roads and access routes. These are the things people don't really consider when they are planning their log house, and they are the top things that will add up if you're not expecting them.

Usually, the first price you'll see for a log house is the shell price, and sometimes just the price of the logs. So make sure that you inquire about that on your search. What is included in the price you see? Logs themselves are quite expensive, and the transportation of them can be expensive too, which is why it's great if you can find a building company or a mill close to you to avoid high transportation costs. Plus, you'll be supporting local , which is always a great thing to do. The interior walls and insulation can also cost a lot since lumber like logs are also expensive. Insulation will vary in price depending on the type you use, but the more eco-friendly and efficient types of insulation are going to cost more. As you're planning on building a log home, make sure that you account for the labour that will go into building your home too, and if you want to save money and have some building experience, consider doing some of the building yourself. So even though the prices and costs of building a log house can add up, there are ways to make it affordable and to understand these costs before they get away from you.

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