Wonderfully Built Colorado 28ft Tiny House Is Wildly Comfortable!

This tiny house on wheels located in Colorado is built on a 28-foot trailer made trailer, and the tiny house has been inspected and certified by PNWA tiny home inspectors. The exterior of this tiny house on wheels has multicolored wood and an interior with cedar paneling. The exterior with its multicolored wood is a look that stands out from other tiny homes. The tiny house has duel lofts with 24-inch cantilevers that give this tiny house an extra 152 square feet, and there is a skylight above the main bedroom. The tiny house on wheels comfortably sleeps four. The kitchen has hickory cabinets, birch butcher block countertop, and stainless steel fixtures. The tiny house has a lunos e2 ventilation system, hickory trimmed furniture, 110-gallon water tank, and fine finishing work throughout.

The tiny house on wheels does not come with a washer or dryer but does have hookups for one; there is also a composting toilet. The tiny house on wheels is heated by an LG mini split, and the 24k BTU Hampton Bay propane stove also serves as a secondary source of heat. The tiny house design is spray foam insulated, all lights are LED, and there are plenty of outlets throughout. The tiny home is built on a three axle trailer, and each axle is rated to 6000 pounds. It has a 220V 50AMP electrical service. This tiny house on wheels is for sale priced at $85,000. The tiny house design has 224 square feet of space, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and two lofts.

There are plenty of reasons that tiny house living is so popular these days. Living in a tiny house is a step that you can take to change your life. Tiny house living means less space to fill and to clean, fewer bills, and the freedom to go anywhere, with your home going where you want it to be. A tiny house on wheels that is built to last as long as traditional home design, with quality craftsmanship throughout the tiny house design and attention to every detail is the way to go. You can live in a tiny house on wheels yourself or rent it out for a secondary source of income. Sustainability is one of the things that come along with small house living. A tiny home means less building materials need to be used, and less electricity is wasted. Another way to be more sustainable with your tiny house design is to use building materials that are locally produced, by using local building materials, you are supporting local businesses and in turn, minimizing their footprint. Living simply so others can simply live.

These days more and more people are downsizing and moving into small house designs. Even if small house living isn't something you want to do full time, you can use a tiny house on wheels for a variety of other uses to include a backyard office, vacation home, guest house, artist studio, writers retreat, garden shed, playhouse, backyard retreat, garden shed, small business and so much more.

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