This Might Just Be the Most Beautiful Cabin Porch Ever - Dont Miss Out!

You'll want to take a look around this stunning log cabin with so many features including a large open cabin, large recreation room, lots of seating, a pool table, stone floor-to-ceiling fireplace, king front bedroom, TV's in bedrooms, king Back Bedroom, 2 bathrooms, hand-stitched quilts, parking, a private hot tub, and a swimming pool. Other features of this incredible log cabin include a cozy location, swing for relaxing, game table, Smoky Cove resort entrance, pool area, air hockey, futons for sleeping, beautiful fireplace, a fully stocked kitchen, king Bedroom, huge game room, lots of seating for dinners, stack washer/dryer, back porch, large hot tub, lots of rockers, dining area, open great room, level circular drive, gas grill, and high ceilings.

This log cabin is sure to inspire you for a log cabin of your own, and good reason there are plenty of benefits to the log cabin lifestyle, and one benefit is the sustainability of using a natural building material such as logs. The following are some of the reasons log cabin living is a good choice. When it comes to log cabins you might wonder which type of timber is more sustainable. There is no exact answer to that as each wood type is accompanied by its pros and cons in terms of environmental sustainability. Some have advantages that outweigh others but come with their own set of disadvantages, so there is no clear answer to be given on this matter. You can compare the different types of wood in terms of sustainability.

Hardwood. Hardwood sources take more time to grow as compared to softwood ones especially because they undergo a dormant phase during winters where these trees normally do not grow. However, they are generally compared to be more durable and stronger than softwoods. Because of this, products made of hardwood tend to last much longer periods. Softwood. Softwood trees grow very quickly, especially when compared to other types like hardwood. What this implies is that these trees can be easily planted, grown, and chopped down as per requirements but can be replaced at an equally fast pace. This is the prime factor that makes wood products based on this wood type highly sustainable.

Engineered wood. This wood type is highly efficient, productive, and sustainable. It is much more resistant to water than both softwood and hardwood so for this reason, these will not undergo much damage if exposed to water. However, engineered wood can not be refinished easily. Even the best of this type of wood can only be refinished a few times. This means that products made from this wood type will not be very long-lasting and may need frequent replacing.

So generally speaking, wood-based products are highly sustainable and are often manufactured by companies who are inclined towards environment-friendly practices. It is only when there is a reckless cutting of trees to obtain wood to produce wood-based products that these products do not classify as sustainable and instead leave a negative impact on the environment.

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