This Great Plains Western Horse Barn Has Storage Below and Loft Living Above

This 24 foot by 60 foot Great Plains Western Horse Barn has 14-foot lean-tos for the ultimate barn style house. This barn style house has storage below with loft living above. All Sand Creek Post & Beam wood barn home kits feature the strength and beauty of post and beam timber frame construction. The custom designed barn house kits from Sand and Creek have been used as a combination house and barn, full-time residences, cabin buildings, lake houses, loft apartments, and secondary homes. These beautifully crafted barn kits are sophisticated yet rustic, with the barn kits being pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to stand the test of time. This barn style house is located in North Carolina.

Open and enclosed lean-tos. You can add an open lean-to or two enclosed lean-tos to your barn style house, which will help to enhance the look of your barn while also adding extra floor space. As you can see with this Great Plains Western Horse barn, one side of the barn style house is enclosed while the other is open to provide for a nice covered space for storage or to use with family and friends. Their barn windows replicate all the detail, charm and warmth of old barn windows. The windows are available in different sizes from 5inch, 7inch and 10-inch panes in virtually any size and shape that you can imagine. You can dress up your windows with flower boxes or their custom wood shutters. Handcrafted barn doors are available in a wide variety of door styles to include single and double sliders, single and double swinging, walk-out doors and dutch doors. They can also custom design a door to your specific dimensions. Gable or shed style dormers are a great addition for anyone who is looking for more light and space in their loft space, as well as adding some character to the exterior of your barn. Loft and stair packages are a great as living spaces or for storage, the addition of an upper loft creates usable space for any purpose. You can choose from a three foot or four-foot heavy duty stair package, or have them design a custom stair package just for you.

Wood cupolas are another way to customize your barn style house and make your barn style house complete. You can top off your barn style house with a functional copper weathervane that comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles available. You can also choose a functional or decorative widow's peaks or hay hoods to add to both the look and style of your traditional wood barn style house. Insulate your barn house and retain the beautiful exposed wood interior of your barn with one of their many insulation packages.

The barn style houses and barn kits from Sand Creek Post and Beam can be fully customized to suit your lifestyle and needs. You also have the option to choose from their barn accessories. Their skilled millwork department handcrafts every one of their wooden accessories for your barn kit in their facilities in Wayne, Nebraska. Their windows, wooden doors, and cupolas replicate the warmth, detail, and charm of accessories from historic barns that were built hundreds of years ago. You can dress up your barn home even more with hay hoods or widow’s peaks, and add handcrafted flowerboxes and wooden shutters to your windows. You can also choose heavy-duty loft and stair packages, barn lighting, plate and hardware upgrades, and insulation packages which are also available to customize your dream barn.

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