This Eco Lodge is the World's Most Luxurious Cave

The Beckham Cave might just be the worlds most luxurious cave. Located on a 260-acre private resort in Arkansas, the inside all of the rock and dirt is an incredible interior that you'd never expect to see. Unlike you'd imagine a cave to be, this one is spacious and open with plenty of luxuries to make every stay wonderful. The home is set in the valley and surrounded by mountains and rivers. There are also hot springs around as well. It's the perfect balance between adventure and luxury, so guests can enjoy their stay and have an experience they'll remember forever. This would be the perfect place to go with your loved one or a group of friends; it could even be great for weddings and company retreats. It's truly unlike any other accommodation you've ever seen. The other nice thing is that the interior has been completely remodelled, so it has an updated appearance inside. The designers added all new furniture inside making the space really comfortable and cozy. You might not expect a cave to feel comfortable, but somehow this one does. Instead of creating a conventional home environment, they left all of the cave walls as the walls of the home creating the earthy feel. Then, the floors were created with concrete to soften the floor and even it out for walking on. The concrete matches the cave walls really well though, so there's really not a huge distinction between the two surfaces. Inside, there are 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a full kitchen, and multiple living areas, as well as lofts and balconies.

The Master Suite is up the steel staircase from the living room area, and it has a lovely round Queen sized bed with a spa bathroom that it private to the suite. Each of the bedrooms in the cave is unique, and all of them have Queen sized beds and private bathrooms. The rain showers in the bathroom give people the experience like their showering in a waterfall. The kitchen in the cave is very modern with high end gas appliances and two convection ovens. There is also bar seating as well as formal dining space too. The living area has a 75 inch TV which is perfect for watching movies and the comfortable couches provide the best seating ever. Outside, the home looks incredible covered in lush greenery. There are lots of windows right on the front face of the cave to let light into the home too. The door has lots of character and is the perfect front door for a cave home. On the property there is also a catch-and-release pond, a BBQ and areas to sit and eat or relax. There are also paddle boats or canoes that can be taken out to enjoy the water nearby.

Other activities you can do while staying there are some hiking, helicopter rides, and horseback riding which you can arrange to happen throughout your stay. Buffalo National River is also 12 miles away which is great for kayaking and incredible nature hikes. White River is only 45 minutes away and has some of the best fishing in the area. Staying in the cave home will cost about $1,600 per night, and it can accommodate up to 8 people in its 6,000 square feet. It seems to book up rather quickly too, so it's best to book well in advance for the days that you want to spend there. Wouldn't this be such a fun place to go with a group of friends or with your loved one? Would you spend your vacation in a cave?

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