This Dream Log Home Has a Special Interior You Should Not Miss

You'll want to take a closer look at this amazing log home by Walnut Valley Log Homes who will custom design the perfect log house plan that's right for you. Their goal is to design a log home that fits your lifestyle along with architectural beauty and style. They offer consultation and site visits so that you can be assured that the log house design will be the right design for your lot. Start dreaming about your log home today. The following are some of the things the company offers.

General Contracting. One stop shop. They sell the complete log house package and they build the complete package. Walnut Valley Log Homes is a turnkey general contractor, offering you a comprehensive package. They take your project from an undeveloped lot to total completion. They have their in-house crews ready to build your dream. They also offer complete log house construction services for your log package.

Hybrid Homes. If you love the beauty of the log house interior or exterior but want to mix it with modern or craftsman, they offer not only log and timber frame homes, but also offer a complete line of hybrid homes, where you can mix log and timbers with stone, drywall, barn beams, stucco, and many other options you may choose from.

The log species that Walnut Valley Log Homes most commonly use is pine. Pine is most commonly used, however, cedar and cypress are also available. Eastern White Pine trees are one of the most widely used wood sources for log house construction across the United States and with good reason. White Pine is versatile, durable, easy to source, and it is reasonably priced. The creamy white to warm golden yellow coloration darkens with age, giving the wood a beautiful rustic charm perfect for log house designs. The straight, even grain pattern of pine is just as notable as its coloration and lends to the wood’s overall sophisticated look. Pine lumber is beautiful, but that’s not the only reason it has become one of today’s most popular types of wood. The versatility, convenience, and strength of pine are all factors that contribute to why this species has stood the test of time.

White Pine grows locally across eastern North America and is among the first to mature in a developing forest. Its wide availability and reasonable price point are because pine can be harvested, replanted, and harvested again much quicker than other, more expensive woods like oak and cedar. Unlike more particular trees, the white pine can also be planted in soils and climates where other species may not thrive. This added benefit makes them an excellent, sustainable crop.

When properly treated, eastern white pine timber is ideal for log house construction. When there are temperature or humidity variations, pine does not shrink and swell as much as other species. Because of this, white pine has the least amount of radial shrinkage of any wood species used as an engineering material. This minimal shrinkage rate means that log homes built using white pine will be stronger and more durable.

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