The Phoenix Is An Incredible Tiny House with a Spacious Floor Plan

The Phoenix is an amazing tiny house design that's not actually so tiny. In comparison to conventional homes, this tiny house on wheels is, of course quite small, but when it comes to tiny houses, it's on the larger end of the tiny house scale. Since the average tiny house is only about 250 square feet, this tiny house that sleeps 4 and is 303 square feet is quite large in comparison. The Phoenix is a whopping 34 feet long which is one of the longer tiny houses we've seen. Usually, when you're looking at tiny houses on wheels, the average length is about 24 feet, and the longest you usually see is 28 feet. Those several extra feet can sure do a lot when it comes to small house living adding even more space for more storage or even a larger bathroom with a bathtub. This tiny house design has everything you need to live in luxury while still minimizing your monthly expenses and cutting back on electricity and energy. Plus, one of the best features of this tiny house is that you can actually stand in the master bedroom which is usually not possible in most tiny houses on wheels. Most often, in a tiny house, you'll have a loft that you have to crawl in to get to the bed and get around, but not in this tiny house, you can stand right up which is so nice.

Even from the outside, this tiny house looks grand. You can see that the extra bit of space comes from building the tiny house on a good neck trailer which is such a great idea for those who want some extra space to play with. The gooseneck trailer has an area that goes upward and over the box of a truck making it easy to tow, but once the tiny house is parked on a piece of property, the space under the gooseneck could potentially be used for something else. Perhaps a storage space for equipment, bikes, toys and other items. The exterior is very modern looking with the wood siding and the black trim. Perfect for those who want more of a contemporary tiny house design. There are plenty of windows as well which is always nice to see in a small space, allowing for lots of light and views. Inside, the home is super warm and cozy with a fireplace in the living room and a great sofa under the large window. The space above the fireplace would be perfect for adding a TV or even just hanging some art. Or the wall in front of the sofa could work great for a projection screen perhaps.

Then just behind the living room is the bathroom that also has a little loft space above it that would be good for storage or even some plants. You can also see that in this case the upper loft area has been turned into a kids bedroom which is also a great idea. The bathroom is a nice space with a vanity and sink, a combination washer and dryer, a toilet and a large glassed in shower. They also included some great storage space for linens and towels as well as toilet paper and other products. Then there is a cute little staircase leading up to the master bedroom which also features some storage within the steps. The master bedroom is a great size, and it's also filled with light thanks to the large window in the space. The other great feature is the fully equipped kitchen on the other end of the tiny house, complete with an apartment sized fridge, stove and microwave. This is a truly luxurious tiny house design.

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