The Incredible Green Dragon Hedge Is A Work Of Art

Having a garden is one of the many pleasures in life, and if you have a garden, you know how enjoyable it can be to go out and tend to it. For some people, gardening and tending to plants can also be an art, like John Brooker in Norfolk who creates beautiful sculptures out of plants. John had a 20-feet high hedge on his property that he decided to shape into a dragon using his hedge clippers and some serious creativity. It began as the regular hedge trimming duties and unfolded into something incredible, and that would soon go viral on the internet with hundreds of thousands of people admiring his work. The hedge is also 100 feet long so you can imagine that it took John a lot of time and patience to do his work as well. The entire process unfolded in a decade with the way he chose to trim his plants. It took some time to learn about the growth patterns of the hedge too and understand the perfect way to cut the branches to yield the perfect results. He created the long body and then the head of the dragon at the front of the property with the nostrils and flames coming out of them. He also created wings for the dragon as well. It looks amazing, and passer's by love to stop and admire his talent and work.

Now John keeps up the work by trimming the hedge in the same way to maintain the dragon figure. He takes a lot of joy in creating the dragon from the hedge, and it is a true inspiration to see this amazing work of art he's created. There are many other ideas out there, too for creating a beautiful hedge like this one. You could create a table and chairs set in the garden too, which would look really cute and feel kind of like Alice in Wonderland's tea party in the garden. You could pretty much create any form you like with a hedge and take inspiration from other people's work to create your own masterpieces. There is a lot to learn in the art of hedge cutting too; the way the hedge is cut is unlike simply cutting it to trim it down and keep it looking healthy. It's almost like learning how to sculpt using your hedge clippers as the knife and the tree as the clay. Except cutting the plant requires precision and technique.

You can also start with simple shapes like a globe to get the idea and practice of sculpting your hedges and bushes on your property. The plants you trim also make a difference too. Some of the best plants to sculpt into shapes are evergreen shrubs and small trees with dense foliage. Boxwood, Thuja, Holly and myrtle are all great shrubs to sculpt into various shapes and forms. They all do great in full to partial sun and with well-drained and moist soil. You can allow the hedge to grow to be really tall before you trim it into a shape, and then you can have fun trying different sculptures and styles. The best tools to use are hedge clippers that you can get at any garden centre. You may want small, medium and large ones to get different results. You could also use a saw to cut the hedge too and to create an even gradation of the hedge. You'll also need a stool or a ladder to reach the higher areas as well and a lot of patience and willingness to learn as you go along.

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