The Fennell Residence a Houseboat Inspired By Nature - The Back of The Home is Incredible!

Inspired by nature and The Fennell Residence on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon turned out beautifully even though it presented some challenges along the way. The building site wasn't just beside a river, it's right on the Willamette River, making the design and building process very interesting. The home design also revolves around the elements of the water, the sun and moon including the Fibonacci spiral also known as the Golden Ratio which can be found in nature and the universe. The home design flows beautifully with the essence of the water and carries the element of water into its design. The building itself consists of curved glue-laminated beams which is how they were able to achieve the curves and flowing shape of the home creating almost a sculptural work of art. The front face of the home is gorgeous with the spiral and woodwork forming around the glass that creates a continuous flow from inside to outside. The large sliding door leads from the large deck overlooking the river, into the open living space inside the home.

The floor plan within the home is very logical and functional, but there is still the essence of flow created by the wood inside. So the inside of the home is a reflection of the outside of the home creating a natural flow. All of the materials were carefully selected to bring in warmth and comfort. They were also selected because of their natural composition to keep the home looking as natural as possible. Having a home with natural materials and a design that reflects nature helps create peace within the home and connects the dwellers to nature even while they're indoors. The living room is a wonderfully open space with lots of light thanks to the wall of windows overlooking the river. The dining space is right behind the living room which makes it perfect for entertaining. The kitchen is also close by and situated all along one wall which makes it easy to prepare meals while staying connected to people sitting in the living room. The furniture is situated around the fireplace which also has storage built around creating a very modern hearth.

Upstairs are the bedrooms and a loft seating area with built-in storage space. It appears that this space could also possibly be used as a sleeping space for guests spending the night. If you think the front of the home is impressive, the back of the home is just as impressive and continues with the natural Fibonacci spiral theme. Except instead of the glass that was used on the front of the home, they covered the surfaces entirely in a mosaic of wood creating what looks like sections of logs with the rings showing. It's absolutely stunning to look at and is an absolute work of art. Robert Harvey Ohatz Architects does an incredible job on all of their home design projects, and they have others that are similar to this Fennell houseboat residence on the water. They also have a home that they built in the forest which looks very similar to this home design as well as other very intricately designed homes that look like buildings of the future. One of the other homes they've created, the Stevens/Harnell residence is very organic but also has some outstanding futuristic features to it as well. All of their projects are worth having a look at. So if you're in need of some houseboat or home design inspiration, this home and other homes from Robert Harvey Ohatz Architects will be sure to spark some interest and absolute awe.

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