The Brandy Bus - Renovated Bus in Quiet Paradise in Kenya

The Brandy Bus is sure to be one of the most unique vacation ideas you'll ever experience. Located in Nairobi, the Brandy Bus can accommodate up to 6 guests with 2 bedrooms, 4 beds, and one bathroom. The Brandy Bus is an old-school bus that has been revamped into the cozy and distinct Airbnb home design it is today. The unique bus vacation rental is tucked away in the serene suburbs of Karen, making it the perfect place to escape. The Brandy Bus is close to several tourist attractions to include restaurants, bars and close to both of the airports. All of your shopping, banking, and more are accessible nearby. There are two double beds in the upstairs part of the bus and two small single beds on the main floor that also serve as sofas. There are also outdoor seating and an outdoor fireplace.

After feedback from their guests, the Brandy Bus now has new high-speed wifi on the bus. The double-decker bus has been completely redone to accommodate adventurous travelers looking for a different kind of overnight stay. No matter where you find yourself on the Brandy Bus there are great views of the outdoors through the many windows that line the walls.The Brandy Bus has plenty of cozy seating where you can relax after a long day of activity. Guest have access to the entire bus and the surrounding garden to include the tennis court. There is an unfenced swimming pool and a young dog on the property so if you travel with your children you will not want to let them out of the bus area unless they are supervised. The pool is not for guest use.

The Brandy Bus is located in Nairobi, Africa. The quote "I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills" came from Karen Blixen in her book Out Of Africa, a memoir. It is in this location that the story of Karen begins. When a developer by the name Remy Martin bought the land that was owned by Karen Blixen, the Danish author, and converted it into residential lots, Martin had no idea that he had just initiated what would eventually be one of Nairobi’s fastest-growing suburbs. More than 80 years later, Karen, which was named in honor of Ms. Blixen, has become a popular suburb that is sprawling with gated communities, and ranches that belong to some key individuals in the country and high-end shopping malls.

Nairobi’s cosmopolitan charms include a vibrant cultural life, with great places to eat and an exciting nightlife. If you are just passing through, you'll find Nairobi to be a melting pot of people and attractions with a national park with black rhinos and lions, an elephant orphanage, the ground zero for the Rothschild’s giraffe, Karen Blixen's former home and so much more. You'll want to keep in mind that Nairobi is known for being bad in traffic, especially when widespread road work is ongoing. With that said you'll want to avoid traveling at peak rush hour times.

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