Super Affordable Mini Backyard Bachelor Log Cabin

The best thing about owning a cabin is it is your own retreat away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the everyday lifestyle in the big city. The pace of living in the wild is grounding and relaxing, and viewing the night sky is best when you are away from the light pollution. Cabin living is versatile, as it can be next to a river or lake, in the mountains or nestled in the forests.

An amazing part of building a cabin are the vast amount of wood types available. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV There are even log home builders that only use a special type of certified "harvested" wood that is found from reclaiming dead wood. Dead wood are trees that have been killed by natural causes like beetles, wind or lightning. This way of using wood is sustainable, renewable and good for the environment! The top ten things to consider when buying or building your very own Bachelor Log Cabin are:

1) Exterior Finishing for Siding: The most popular are peeled log / unpeeled log with bark still on, Butt and pass, bevel, ship lap, board and batten, or wood shake shingles.

2) Edging: this enhances the outside look of your cabin and natural edge, square edge or trim, shadow board or log trim (with peeled / unpeeled log "bark") are the most frequently used finishes.

3) Concrete pads: cabins can be installed uneven terrain eliminating the need for concrete pads and allowing for on-site building.

4) Roofing: To keep the elements out use galvanized metal, shingles or rolled roofing.

5) Power: For remote areas off-grid is best. Install solar panels or build out-houses to be free from the "grid".

6) Windows: These come in all different sizes, shapes and functionality while adding essential natural light. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION

7) Doors: Double doors, french doors, pony doors (Dutch) and arched doors can all be installed in your cabin.

8) Stone work / Masonry: A stone fireplace or chimney add instant flair, or you could incorporate stone pathways

9) Custom Carvings: Wood carvings add artistic elements that make your cabin uniquely yours.

10) Loft space: Can be used as storage or extra sleeping quarters when you have guests

Wayside Log Cabins have many beautiful and affordable options to make owning a cabin a reality. They are quick to build, easy to customize and can be placed on almost any terrain. They build all of their cabins with the highest quality materials and label the parts to send to you and then you can assemble the entire cabin or playhouse yourself. A playhouse like this one would especially be easy to assemble yourself, but you may want help from a contractor for larger sized log cabins and homes. This playhouse would be perfect for your kids as a place to hang out with their friends or it could be a cute little backyard cottage for crafting, painting, reading or anything else. Some people even put these small cabins in their backyards to use as home offices, guest houses or home gyms. Wayside Log Cabins has larger cabins than this playhouse log cabin too which would be ideal for a vacation cabin or even a home. They also sell log furniture, fire pits, gazebos, pergolas, swing and play sets, pavilions and arbors. All at very affordable prices making them very practical. Just choose the one that suits your style and needs and then order the kit to be delivered to your home. Get some inspiration from this awesome playhouse and think about how much fun your kids would have with it and how much they would love it.

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