Stunning Tiny House Retreat Sits Next to the Water

This beautiful tiny house retreat was designed by Pearson Design Group and is perfectly located next to the water. If you have an appreciation for tiny houses and cabins alike, you'll love this rustic, yet modern cabin in Montana. This seems like such an enjoyable and relaxing place to spend some downtime and just take in what nature has to offer. The cabin is known as the North Shore cabin, and it's a very unique design with so much to love about it. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV The tiny house cabin consists of two buildings to create a 2 bedroom home and a one-room studio with a deck that leads out to the dock on the water. The designers and builders did an excellent job of making the home fit in with its natural settings. Yet it also fits in with current modern design concepts keeping things fresh and functional. The interior design is beautifully done and makes this home away from home a little escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

The exterior is sided with reclaimed wood giving it a rustic look, but also lending to a simpler time and bringing in some major character. It's always nice to use recycled materials whenever you can. Not only will this reduce your building costs, but it will also help to keep building materials out of the landfills and make the most of our natural resources. They offset the rustic look of the building with some great windows throughout the home, even some corner windows which look very modern and stylish. The front porch acts as the perfect place to sit out and enjoy some of the sights and sounds on the property. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION With a warm or cool beverage in hand, you'd have everything you'd need to relax and enjoy life to the fullest.

Inside, the home is beautiful, with some great modern touches and a minimalistic approach. The fireplace has to be one of the coolest features as it's suspended from the ceiling in front of a huge picture window which bridges the gap between indoor and outdoor worlds. They continued the reclaimed wood on the inside of the home too for that nice, rustic look. Plus, they added some new white washed wood for the walls as well in some areas of the home to brighten it up a lot too. The furniture is simple and classic with modern appeal. They also added some great lighting fixtures and some nice pieces of art, both old and new, to match the vibe of the home. The ceilings were made nice and tall, which creates that open and airy feel in the home everyone loves.

Up the stairs is the second floor of the cabin with another seating room and an area to do some drawing. The master bedroom has a very comfortable queen bed and beautiful views of the lake, which is just steps away from the home. All in all, this is quite the masterpiece of both old and new, relaxed yet upscale. So if you're in need of some small home design inspiration, this cabin may give you some much-needed motivation to get started on your own cabin or tiny house designs so you can start enjoying your life to the fullest. Or, maybe you're interested in building a little house that you can live in year round. This design would be perfect for both vacationing and living in full time. Even a small family could be quite happy living in a tiny house like this full time with plenty of room to spare.

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