Storybook Cottage By The Sea

This fantasy small cottage plan is guaranteed to take your breath away. The cottage is masterfully constructed located on the shores of Vancouver Island, British Columbia and truly looks as though it belongs in a storybook. The tiny home is affectionally named Winckler Cottage, after its owner Bruce Winckler, although Bruce’s friends often refer to it as the Hansel and Gretel Cottage. Winckler Cottage was constructed by the very talented Tim Lindberg and Daniel Huscroft from Lindcroft Custom Dwellings who are also the masterminds behind the design of the cottage. Despite the undeniable allure of the tiny home itself, it’s impossible not to notice the incredible location of the small cottage, which is situated directly on an ocean inlet. From this location, Bruce can watch the world go by, and even see whales and seals play.

The skill that went into crafting this home is evident everywhere you look. The cedar shakes used on the roof were painstakingly hand-made and shaped to be able to fit the unique curves of the roof. When it comes to the finishing details of this tiny house, no stone was left unturned. Every last bit of this tiny home has been lovingly crafted, as is evident in this custom mushroom-shaped metal vent cap made by local metalwork artist Jake James. The interior of the cottage is surprisingly contemporary. To make the tiny home functional for day-to-day living, the whimsical style was left at the door and instead, the interior adopts a more modern, rustic style.

The L-shaped kitchen is practical in its design, although Bruce admits that if he were to do it again he would add a full oven. Still, it provides enough counter-space and everything required to comfortably prepare meals. The living room is dominated by an enticing stone fireplace which keeps the home warm in the winter, while a small table sits by the window for dining while overlooking the spectacular ocean views. In true tiny house style, no inch of the home's space has been wasted, and the organically shaped stairs which lead into the sleeping loft also provide storage space for all the home's electronics as well as the water heater.

Upstairs, there is a loft that has been kept simple, yet provides a welcoming place to rest your head at night. The dramatic pitch of the roof adds a certain sense of grandeur to space, which remains open to the living room below. The height of Winckler Cottage prevents the space from feeling at all cramped. Instead, it feels light and homey, with the surrounding natural materials doing a wonderful job of making you feel at home. Joining the living room is the cottage’s bathroom, which has again been kept simple and functional while being finished to a high level of artistry. A shower, basin, and flushing toilet provide all the necessary elements. For Bruce, Winckler Cottage is home, although he admits that sometimes it does feel as though he is living in a fairytale. Nevertheless, this magical place is something that brings joy to those who lay eyes on it and that is a quality that very few homes can boast.

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