Step Back in Time When You Stay in This Quaint 1890's Log Cabin

Step back in time when you stay in this quaint 1890s log cabin nestled at the foot of historic Missionary Ridge on sixteen acres in Rossville, Georgia, United States. The authentic log cabin is located 3 miles from Chickamauga Battlefield, the country's oldest and largest military park, and just 5 miles from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Enter the vacation property using a private access gate with a keypad. There are heart pine floors throughout the log cabin. The queen-size bed has a hotel-quality mattress with 100 percent cotton bedding. Relax in a 6-foot cast iron claw foot tub with homemade rosemary/mint soap. The log cabin kitchen has comfortable seating for two with a compact refrigerator, microwave, hot plate, coffee maker, and a toaster oven large enough to hold a 12-inch pizza.

There is a partial wrap-around porch where you can enjoy your morning coffee, or just sit quietly on the porch swing and enjoy nature. Help yourself to fresh herbs (what's a log cabin without an herb garden) and blueberries in season. Pending the mood of the resident hens, gather fresh eggs for your breakfast. Stay in December and receive a custom Christmas ornament. Life is good at the log cabin. This 1890s log cabin is like stepping back in time. One way to get a rustic log cabin look is to use reclaimed wood throughout your log house construction, the following are some of the benefits of using reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is popular for the story that it comes with. Most reclaimed wood comes from old structures that were originally erected in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. This type of wood, which has already served its original purpose, can be relocated and recycled to meet the modern demand for eco-friendly and sustainable wood building materials. Reclaimed wood is different then salvaged wood, which is wood that has been naturally harvested from nature and then stored for a certain amount of time to make the wood appear aged. Salvaged wood has not been used in any sort of construction previously whereas reclaimed wood typically came from a building, such as an old barn or church.

Type of wood. Any species of tree can be utilized for reclaimed wood but the majority of builders 100-plus years ago favored Douglas fir, oak, and redwood. Someone looking for reclaimed wood might seek out longleaf pine, which is quite rare as that type of tree can take up to 500 years to mature in the wild. For a wood cabin builder, the wait is worth it because when a longleaf pine is fully grown, they are enormous and can supply long sturdy planks that are perfect for building. Reclaimed wood benefits. The benefits of using eco-friendly building products such as reclaimed wood are vast. Some of the benefits of using reclaimed wood include the timeless and rustic appearance, reclaimed building materials tell a story, reusing wood preserves natural resources, and less pollution is created by avoiding further treatment of the wood.

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