Shipping Container, Tiny House & Cabin Combine To Create Epic 5 Bedroom Home

You'll want to watch this video that combines a cabin, a tiny house, and a shipping container. When put together they create an amazing 5 bedroom home that was designed to be perfect for extended family. The three structures work together harmoniously and have been placed around a garden oasis making this home a truly wonderful place to live and for the family to gather. In many ways, this unique home design model showcases how having separate smaller structures such as tiny homes and shipping containers can work together to provide more options for families, extended families, or even guest accommodation and the separate structures also provide additional privacy and separation. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV

There’s a lot to love, from the wonderfully built tiny home design, constructed from SIPS and with sustainable building materials at the forefront of its construction, to an epic shipping container home that has been renovated from a steel container that was originally used as a relocatable bank. This is a home design that’s full of stories and which is ready to create more to be told around the fire. You'll want to watch the entire video to find out more about this building and more of Gavin's building projects on his website.

The pod in the home design serves as Gavin's bedroom. He is a surfer who believes in using natural, sustainable building materials and you will see those touches throughout the home. The home is very energy efficient. The home design has a black-on-black design ethos which goes perfectly with the green natural surroundings. The home has the option of an outdoor kitchen, especially helpful in a tiny home when cooking smells can easily overwhelm the space. You'll love the natural recycled maple feature wall that you see as soon as you step into the tiny house space. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION The open living area has a couch, perfect for sitting back and enjoying the surrounding view. The home also has an upper loft, perfect for when the nieces and nephews come for a visit. This home design is sure to change the way you think about tiny house living and shipping container homes.

Gavin's business EcoSpace is all about high-quality, architecturally designed prefabs, cabins, and tiny homes. The company is all about sustainable, healthy, passive homes that perform over the lifetime of the building. Better for your health, better for your wealth, and better for the environment. They have flexible options, no matter the circumstance. Located in New Zealand, you'll find customizable concepts with a team of specialists to help bring your dreams into reality. Architecturally designed, and built by New Zealand-certified builders, who take deep pride in everything they do. They have solutions-based specialists, with great communication skills throughout to ensure a stress-free experience. the designs have maximum durability to withstand even the harshest New Zealand climates, with superior warmth, comfort, and energy efficiency. Proudly New Zealand-made, using high-quality, locally sourced building materials. With end-to-end project management and build capabilities, to help turn your Ecospace into a total site transformation.

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