See the Rustic Interior Wood River Valley Chalet

You'll fall in love with this stunning woodland retreat located in Sun Valley, Idaho with an eye on hiking and skiing trails. The Wood Valley chalet incorporates historic hewn, stone and stucco into a cozy home with 3,600 square feet of space. The owners from Minnesota had an appreciation for woodland retreats, with a desire to lay down some roots in Sun Valley, and guided by the incorporation of historic hewn timbers, stone, and stucco into this cozy home among a stand of aspens. All while keeping an eye on the endless skiing and hiking of the surrounding mountains.

The home designed by Miller Roodell Architects is located in Sun Valley, Idaho famous for Bald Mountain slopes perfect for intermediate and advanced levels. It is considered one of the best mountains to ski in the United States due to its vertical and consistent pitch. The mountain spans 2,054 acres of Sawtooth National Forest, Baldy has a 3,400 feet drop.

After a full day of skiing Baldy, you can enjoy a hot tub outdoors in the snow. The best spot to warm up your bones is Zenergy. This modern health club and spa have multiple state-of-the-art workout facilities along with high-class spa amenities. Its outdoor pool and spa area serve up the perfect amount of zen. And if you’re in the mood for a drink, the spa serves alcoholic beverages (for purchase).

Whether you are on the slopes or not, another activity to do in Sun Valley is a gondola ride up to the Roundhouse restaurant and bar. The ride offers stunning views of the entire valley. As you ascend you get a breathtaking birds-eye view of the Sun Valley region. At the top, you are treated to panoramic mountain views of a winter wonderland. And when you get too cold, you can head inside the Roundhouse. The smell of melted cheeses and fondue alongside a crackling wood-burning fire offer a welcoming and warm oasis.

When it comes to building your home, using an architect can help to ensure that you get the home of your dreams. There are several steps to the design process to include predesign site selection, designing, and concept to reality. Before any building project begins, a site must be selected. The architect will take into account all of the property's attributes both positive and negative. They will look at the access and approach, sun angles, drainage, viewscapes as it’s all part of the package. Once a homesite is selected, they move on to the fundamental aspects of creating a hierarchy of space relationships and functions for the project.

Designing. Broad strokes outline the basic rooms and how they are impacted by the site’s natural features. Once everyone has a general sense of the layout of the home and how it interacts with the land, the architect moves on to more detailed drawings. They discuss building materials. The aesthetics of the finished project start to come into view.

Concept to Reality Construction Documents. This is the bridge between the home design and the actual building. The architect ensures that all parties involved have a complete understanding of the project. From 3D modeling to photo-realistic renderings to one-on-one conversations to the construction documents themselves, this is the time during which it all becomes real.

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