Rustic Cabin Perfection - Brilliant Use Of Reclaimed Materials!

You'll want to take a look at this video that showcases an incredible incredible cabin building that is packed full of rustic charm. From the large ex-telephone polls outside to the reclaimed timber and brick interior, this cabin building’s construction shows a mastery of the art of salvage. At only 323 square feet, this tiny cabin packs a real punch. It's cozy, stylish and emanates a strong sense of home. The clever addition of a semi-outdoor bathroom and the large connecting undercover deck completes the tiny home perfectly. This small home design has largely been constructed using reclaimed building materials making it not only affordable but packed full of character. The tiny cabin is situated on a 5-acre property which is being established as a micro-farm, with a small amount of land for grazing animals, growing vegetables as well as impressive conversation wetland plantings.

The tiny house owner built the tiny home along with their brother. The tiny house built used a lot of reclaimed building materials which is not only an excellent way to save money but a great way to help the environment too. As a beekeeper the tiny house owner was always traveling around the countryside and was on the lookout for the hardwood power poles for the tiny house veranda, and every time he came across one on his travels he would have to stop and ask the farmer whether or not the hardwood pole was being used. Most of the time the hardwood poles were just rubbish and not being used so he would have to load it up onto his truck and take it to the tiny house building site.

The inspiration for the tiny house came from a magazine where the couple saw a South Island high county cabin for a rustic feel that they both liked and mixes well with the hardwood telephone power poles. A family of three lives in the tiny house cabin, a couple, and their baby son. The outdoor covered patio is 753 square feet which helps to extend the inside space outwards for a larger feel. The couple was inspired to build a tiny house for budget reasons, as a tiny house would allow them to buy a larger piece of land, whereas if they spent all their budget on a larger sized house, they wouldn't be able to have the piece of land that they need. The tiny house sits on about 5 acres of land which was bought along with a friend, so they divided the property into about 2.5 acres each.

The tiny house homeowners have some cows, some sheep, a garden, a future orchard, and raising bees for their honey business. The tiny house design is separated into a living area and an outdoor/indoor bathroom area. The owners also have a jiu jitsu studio on the property for their business. You'll be sure to love the interior of the tiny house design that uses plenty of timber, and green building materials for a great look.

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