Romantic Creekside Cabin Nestled in a Redwood Forest In California

You'll fall in love with this romantic creekside cabin building that is nestled in a Redwood Forest in Guerneville, California, United States. The beautifully crafted creekside cabin building can accommodate up to 2 guests, with one bedroom, with one bed, and one bathroom. This cabin building vacation rental is perfect for a private romantic retreat with a hand-built, beautifully maintained furnished cedar cabin building in the redwoods. The cabin building is rustic yet with all the comforts of home. Inside you will find soaring vaulted ceilings that highlight the nicely furnished interior, with a wood stove and a cedar hot tub to warm you up in the evening. The cabin building is a quiet retreat for both couples and solo adventurers alike.

This log house is all that you imagine a log cabin to be. With wood throughout, a woodstove, comfy furnishings, and scenery all around this is a log cabin vacation you won't soon forget. Hang out in the private hot tub, the outdoor patio or in the recreation area with a picnic table to enjoy a meal together. During your vacation stay you might enjoy a full day of wine tasting, cycling up to the King's Ridge, canoe down the river, or just spend a day relaxing, this cabin building is the perfect Sonoma County vacation. The cabin building vacation rental is conveniently located just a few miles from Guerneville, the Sonoma coast and the Russian River. The cabin building vacation rental is just a short distance from the Sonoma County Airport, just 30 minutes by car without traffic.

There are a variety of reasons that building log cabins is so popular, with one of those reasons being sustainability. Every building material used in construction has a lifespan that begins with the extraction of the natural resources and ends with the building materials disposal. The only truly renewable and sustainable raw building material is wood, which begins with the logging of the trees. The extraction, processing, manufacturing, and disposal of the raw building materials describe the impacts that the building material has from its start to finish. The impacts that a building material can have has various measures, to include energy consumption, carbon balance, and water use.

Wood that is used in any sort of building project from log houses to is the most environmentally-friendly raw building material that humans have at their disposal. For these reasons, an environmentally-conscious person should be favoring wood as a building material over other natural resources. With that said if you are choosing wood for you want to make sure that the wood you are getting comes from a sustainably managed forest. Tree harvesting is where the wood extraction process begins that later gives timber to make such things as log houses, paper products, home designs and furniture. However, there are also clothing fiber, chemicals, energy products, carbon fiber, foods, and many other things that start with wood products. Rayon fabric is made largely from wood pulp. Even tall building designs are increasingly being constructed out of wood.

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