Park Model Homes Champion 520

The Champion 520 is Champion Home Builders most popular park model home design. The Champion 520 has a wraparound porch, king-sized bedroom and a wood burning fireplace. This park model home design is priced at $62,625 which makes for affordable small house living; the park model is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. This park model home is 399 square feet with one bedroom, one bathroom and a loft.

Champion Home Builders have a reputation for building quality park model homes, modular homes and mobile home designs at affordable prices. Whether you have a growing family, a first-time homebuyer, or looking for a home to retire, there is an option for you. These award-winning designs and customizable floor plans are the perfect complement to your lifestyle. These park model homes are professionally designed and engineered and built by craftsmen to meet exacting state, national, and local building codes. Their park model home designs are also inspected at every phase of the construction process to ensure their unparalleled quality standards are met. Inside this park model home, they use quality energy efficient appliances and building materials, which are just some of the reasons they can produce industry-leading designs.

Park model tiny house designs are just one of your options when it comes to small house living. Moving from a traditional home designs to a park model home has enhanced the quality of life for people across the country. Some of the benefits of park home living include peace of mind, security, and depending on where you live in your park model, living in a community of friendly like-minded people and other social opportunities. Park model home designs differ from conventional homes in several ways. The biggest difference is in the method of construction. Park model home designs are constructed indoors in a manufacturing plant before they are transported. Once transported to their building site, they will be connected to water, electric and sewer services. Park model home designs are designed for easy maintenance, so owners are unlikely to be faced with sudden major repair bills.

Another big difference between traditional home design and a park model home is size. Park models come in a variety of sizes, whereas most traditional homes are considerably larger. Park model homes cost considerably less than a traditional sized home. Park model home prices will vary according to the model that is chosen. Mobile home park fees vary from park to park also. Key factors that influence price are the park location and the amenities that are provided. Park model homes are designed for occasional relocation only, as they are built on a single chassis with detachable hitch, which requires a special tow vehicle and oversized highway permits.

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