Most Popular 18x24 Montana Cabin, Take A Peek Inside!

The Montana Cabin is an 18 foot by a 24-foot floor plan that has consistently been the most popular of all the Meadowlark Log Homes cabins. It is roomy, proportioned just right, and affordably priced. Imagine this log cabin on your backwoods property or the creek for a delightful cabin retreat. The Montana Cabin is a single-level, one-bedroom, one-bathroom cabin with a 108 square foot covered porch. This is just one of the log cabin floor plans you might choose when considering a cabin.

Meadowlark Amish Log Homes are handcrafted and are a completely pre-assembled log cabin package, with exterior log walls and interior log walls where shown on floor plans, and with log walls up to the peaks including log gables, and fully pre-assembled loft joist and roof beam/purlin system. The log house walls are pre-drilled for 5/8 inch by 10-inch steel rebar pins, and the loft joists and roof purlins are drilled to accept wood dowels and are flattened, ready for tongue and groove lumber.

The logs are air-dried before use, so shrinkage is minimized, and since there is less settling of logs, the overall shrinkage of the log house wall is greatly reduced. Compared to other log walls, where only the outside edges of the scribed log contact the log below it or chink style where the chinking provides the support, flat on flat log walls provide the best shear and buckling resistance available in a log house. They can therefore handle greater point loads and extreme forces from wind or earthquake. This exceptional stability allows Meadowlark Log Homes to easily build log walls up the gable ends to the peak log.

All of the log homes have 100 percent logs on an exterior wall. Using these modern building materials with the wide surface contact area of flat on flat log house construction creates one of the tightest, most energy-efficient log homes possible. The log homes can be erected more quickly than most other construction styles, resulting in labor cost savings. The exterior log walls, wood porch deck floors, porch steps, and railings need to be stained to preserve their color and give years and possibly centuries of life to the log home. A colored, pigmented, or tinted log house stain must be used on the exterior to preserve the logs in your log home and should be done within 6 months of log house package delivery.

Log homes are an energy-efficient home choice. The log cabins from Meadowlark are a flat on flat building system, with insulation tape and chinking at each course and foam insulation at each joint, they have a well-insulated wall. Log homes are a competitively energy efficient, durable, and environmentally useful alternative to traditional construction methods. Both consumers and the environment will benefit from the increasing recognition of log houses as green and energy-efficient dwellings. Log homes have a long history in North America and Europe. Some of the oldest occupied structures in North America are log cabin buildings, showing their fundamental durability when properly designed and constructed. Modern manufacturing methods are bringing new building technologies in making log homes increasingly energy-efficient and durable.

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