Meet The Wedge, The Tiny House and RV Hybrid

The RoadHaus Wedge RV is a modern small house design that offers you the freedom of movement in a modern 250 square foot tiny house design. If you like the architectural design of the original Wedge tiny house on wheels model but don’t need all that space, the RoadHaus Wedge RV is a smaller version at a fraction of the price. This tiny house model is perfect for your tiny house living needs, as a guesthouse, backyard office, vacation home or a combination. This tiny house design can be easily transported to a location and then moved again if needed. The outdoor deck on this tiny house design gives a little extra space while protecting you from the sun and the inclement weather.

Small house living is an affordable option for anyone who needs a bit of flexibility. Maybe you need a living space that is separate from the rest of the house to set up a home office, are starting a new business, and a tiny house is a good place to start. This tiny house can be ready in no time and moved to the location that best suits your lifestyle and needs. The best part about a small house on wheels is that you can either move it to that new location when needed or sell it when your life plans change. A tiny house on wheels can offer you freedom when you need it most.

The amenities for the Wedge design include sliding glass doors that open to the outdoor deck, sleeps up to two adults comfortably, the front of the tiny design is almost entirely glass (so modern), with a fridge/microwave/freezer in a kitchen with a two-burner cooktop and a roofline that offers a storage loft. With 250 square feet of tiny house living, this small house design has one bedroom and a bathroom to provide everything that you need for a small house living in a modern design.

A tiny house on wheels works great wherever you want to live, whether that be in your backyard, at the lake, beside the mountain, or a piece of property that you want to spend more time at. You don't have to give up all the comfort and style just because you want to downsize or try something new, a tiny house on wheels such as the Wedge design has all the comforts of home, with less space and at a more affordable price.

Another benefit of small house living is that with less space there is a lot less cleaning to do. Imagine cleaning a 250 square foot space compared to cleaning a home that is between 1,500 to 2,000 square feet and sometimes even more. Your cleaning and chores will take you no time at all. With a smaller sized home, there is less maintenance to worry about which means you will spend less money on repairs. With less space, you will be sure to spend less money on all that stuff that you don't need.

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