Magical and Playful Treehouse Cabin is Perfect for Family Vacations

The magical Nook treehouse cabin is the perfect place to bring the kids or to bring out the inner child in you. The treehouse cottage is a creation from Blue Forest Treehouse Design and Construction and what a great job they did on it. It's in Surrey, England off the beaten path, so it's something a little different for travellers to check out when they're in the area. Surrey is just outside of London, so it's actually quite easy to get to even by public transit, but it's not a place where tourists go too often so you can enjoy a nice, quiet vacation. This is a solo treehouse that's not really up too high like other treehouses you may have seen over the years. This one is set on a deck that is only about two or three feet in the air so it would be the perfect treehouse for those who don't enjoy heights. Having the deck also gives more space for dining and, of course, stargazing on a clear warm night. One of the other great features on the deck is the large sunken fire pit with seating surrounding it, now that would be the perfect place to gather with friends or family for a great night. The treehouse is full of unique surprises surrounding it too, including the rope bridge which leads to the house but also leads to a play area. There's a gazebo, a small rock climbing wall and a small zip line for kids to play on and have fun.

From the outside, the home looks so enchanting and whimsical with a turret and beautifully shaped windows. It really looks like something out of a fairytale. The interior includes oak flooring and cedar lining providing that cabin in the woods feel. Blue Forest Design created these treehouse designs as a line of glamping hut or holiday homes that are very affordable and sustainable making them very attractive to property owners as well as campgrounds. Each of the little treehouses like this one will have a kitchen area, a living area, a shower room, upper loft area and two bunk beds in a space tucked away. To minimize the effects on the land, the homes are built on; they've built them elevated up off the ground which helps to keep the ecosystems intact. They also included reclaimed materials wherever they could as well. The in-floor heating and the wood burning stove keep the tiny units nice and toasty in cooler weather, and the forest surrounding the treehouse keeps it nice and cool in the summer. Blue Forest Design loves working with different clients to figure out a design that will perfectly suit their needs, and they will also use ideas from the client as well. They are also an award-winning company as well because of how innovative their ideas and designs are.

The team has built hundreds of these types of treehouses all around the world. They range from treehouse castles, playhouses and accommodations as well as classrooms and office buildings. Not only do they design these beautiful treehouses they also provide turnkey solutions, where everything from the planning and design to the furnishing and finishing of the home is included in the package. You can see some of their other work in the luxury vacation homes Malawi, Maldives and many other treehouse hotels around the world. The company loves to create these beautiful and sustainable treehouses for people to stay in and experience a playful and fun approach to life, even if you're not a kid you can still have some fun as you used to when you were a kid by staying in a treehouse like this.

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