Luxury Log House Rentals in Austria

These beautifully crafted log cabins are located 3,000 feet above sea level on a high plateau between Tennen and Hochkoenig mountain ranges. The Woodridge Luxury Log Chalets are located in the alpine resort of Werfenweng, just outside of Salzburg, Austria. The views from these log cabin chalets are unparalleled. The five luxury log chalets are built by Pioneer Log Homes of British Columbia master log house artisans. The view from these wood cabins is unmatched and is the perfect vacation to getaway and relax. You can enjoy these wood cabin rentals in both the summer and the winter and will enjoy each season equally.

In the summer months, you can escape the heat and stress of the city to a natural environment of clean, crisp mountain air, enclosed by the Tennengebirg mountains and the imposing summit of the Eiskogel. One of the things you can do is enjoy the silent drifting of the paragliders down to the valley’s fields or soak up the sun rays with a good book and a cold drink. For guests who are looking for a more active stay, there are a wide variety of outdoor experiences, from tandem paragliding, mountain biking, and alpine walks and treks. For most of the Wood Ridge’s guests, the best part of a summer holiday is just enjoying the luxury, the tranquillity and incredible setting of their wood cabin, together with family and friends.

In the winter months, you can enjoy these wood cabin rentals as a ski in, ski out. Wood Ridge is the perfect place to enjoy the winter holidays with days of enjoying the freshly prepared pistes of Werfenweng, watching the kids make their first turns on the nursery slopes, stopping by the mountainside bar for lunch or a drink, then returning to your own cozy, cabin building. Relax by the fire with a hot or cold drink and a roaring fire. At the log cabin rentals, you can also enjoy a private sauna or a dip in the whirlpool.

Log houses are a great choice when it comes to sustainable living. Once a log house has been built, its value as a green building choice becomes all the greater, especially when a log house is positioned on its building site to take advantage of the direct sunlight during the colder months and to maximize the shade during the warmer months. Logs in a log house are an ideal building material that absorbs the heat effectively and then releasing it slowly to help reduce heating costs in winter while keeping interiors well insulated against the heat in the summer. If a log house is built using proper log house construction, sealing and chinking procedures, log houses are also relatively airtight. This is a factor that not only further reduces the heating and cooling costs but also improves the indoor air quality. The result is a log house that has a far healthier interior environment. In these fundamental ways, log houses are a sustainable resource that helps to provide true benefits for the environment and for the people that live in them.

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