Luxurious and Exclusive Community in the Mexican Caribbean Starting From USD $219,000

Incredible collection of residences situated along the picturesque Caribbean beachfront, pristine lagoons, green fairways, and leafy mangroves of the private gated community. Residential offerings at this luxurious and exclusive community include a private villa collection, and full and fractional ownership residences and penthouses.

Homeowners enjoy effortless, turnkey living meticulous concierge service and full access to every amenity and all four resorts within the complex. Fractional ownership properties starting from USD $219,000 up to $325,000 per fraction. WATCH HOME & LIFESTYLES STREAMING TV Full ownership properties starting from USD $1,365,000.

The Mexican Caribbean is a unique region in the world, diverse in terms of destinations and tourist attractions with blue sea, white sand beaches, rainforest, cenotes, archeological sites, islands, lagoons, underground rivers, Mayan culture, and history. The area has an infrastructure that competes worldwide for the variety it offers of accommodation, international and typical cuisine, multiculturalism, connectivity, and natural resources.

This diverse region is unlike any other in the world with turquoise waters, tropical jungles, beautiful beaches, lush landscapes, Mayan archeological sites, underground rivers, beautiful islands, lagoons, and so more. You can find something new to experience in every town, island, whether it be food, adventure, scenery, or relaxation. You'll be sure to fall in love with the Mexican Caribbean.

The Mayan civilization was one of the original cultures of the New World that extended for more than 3,000 years in southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and the western part of both Honduras and El Salvador. At its most flourishing era, they had one of the most densely populated and culturally dynamic societies in the world. The Mayan culture is known for its amazing art, impressive architectural design, and its sophisticated astronomical and mathematical systems, all of which were very advanced for its time. GET MORE HOME & LIFESTYLES INSPIRATION

This Mayan culture is still alive because its descendants have been responsible for preserving it by sharing it with the world through its ceremonies, parties, gastronomy, parties, traditions, beliefs, and customs. Among the many attractions that make the Mexican Caribbean so unique is to have access to this captivating culture through the archeological sites and vestiges that are found throughout this territory.

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