Historic 500k Pound XVI Century Castle For Sale In Aradeo, Italy

Take a look inside of this incredible XVI Century castle for sale in Aradeo, Italy. The historic castle is priced at €500k Aradeo, with the ancient baronial palace called “il Castello". It was built in the 16th century which looks like a fortified residence. The property, which extends over a surface of about 1400 square meters, has a garden of more than one hectare and is developed on three levels. The Italian castle has a rectangular plan and ample and bright spaces, embellished with stairs, stone fireplaces, ceilings with typical vaulted and barrel vaults. The ground floor, is in a good state of conservation, welcoming you through a majestic wooden and wrought-iron door, in a courtyard with a beautiful mosaic floor, here there is access to an external cloister on which large rooms overlook and a room used as an ancient oil mill with an old lathe in Lecce stone.

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The two upper floors of the castle to be restored consist of large rooms that follow one another, are connected to the ground floor by stairs, and lead to a loft with a panoramic view of the town and surrounding Salento countryside. The castle property is perfectly suited not only for residential purposes but to be transformed into a high-level accommodation facility and can certainly benefit from the incentives of the Puglia Region for purchase and renovation. Aradeo, is about 15 kilometers from the splendid Ionian coast, 30 kilometers from Lecce, and 70 kilometers from Brindisi airport.

Aradeo is a town and comune in the province of Lecce, Apulia, in south-eastern Italy. Lecce is a city where you can enjoy wandering the narrow streets of golden sandstone, finding hidden piazzas, enjoying lazy lunches in wine bars with a glass of local rose, and taking in the views of an extravagantly carved baroque church. The small university city has a population of 96,000 and is located in the Salento region of Puglia in the heel of Italy’s boot. Most visitors to the city only come for a day or two, but you'll never get bored if you stay longer. It’s a gorgeous place, and despite the historic center’s small size, you will be sure to always find a new hidden corner on your daily walks. Traffic is limited in the center so it’s a pleasure to wander.

And then there’s the food. You can enjoy morning pastries with iced almond milk coffee, a puff pastry Rustico for lunch, evening aperitivo snacks, and multi-course dinners of generous vegetable antipasti and hearty plates of pasta, topped off with a gelato and a stroll along the beautifully lit streets. Puglia is another favorite Italian region for eating and it’s wonderfully vegetarian-friendly (although fish and meat lovers will find plenty of options too). Lecce has grown in popularity in recent years and the tour groups have arrived, but it’s nothing compared to the crowds of Florence or Rome. All you have to do is head down a side street to find a quiet spot to yourself.

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