Glamping at Its Finest! This Forest Yurt Is Simple Yet Abound With Artistic Details

Take a look inside of this unique vacation home located in Galena, Missouri, United States. The forest yurt can accommodate up to 6 guests with 1 bedroom, 5 beds, and 1 bathroom. This is glamping at its finest. The Forest Garden Yurts are wooden yurts designed and built by Bill Coperthwaite in the 1970s for Tom Hess and Lory Brown as home and pottery studio. The yurts are tucked away in 4 acres of Ozark forest, they are simple yet abound with artistic details. The yurt has a kitchen, bedroom, and a nook living room. The bathroom yurt is separate but has a covered walk. These vacation rentals are unconventional and unique, with hobbit hole doors and low clearances in places. There are 4-acres of woods to roam, that are either along the road or fenced, so there is no chance of wandering off of the vacation property. There are also fire pits, camp chairs, and roasting sticks available.

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A yurt is a round cylindrical dwelling that is capped with a conic roof that has been in use for at least the last few thousand years. Yurts originated in Central Asia (think Genghis Khan and his horde using them), and was valued for their durability, portability, and structural soundness. Yurts are an easy home to put up and take down requiring only a couple of hours of work and could be easily transported on the backs of yaks and horses, which were and still are vital requirements for nomadic people. Yurts are still used today by nomadic herders on the steppes of Central Asia and they have also worked their way into Western society. Yurts were first introduced to the United States by yurt pioneer William Coperthwaite in the 1960s. In 1978, Pacific Yurts began and became the first modern yurt company in North America.

This yurt might inspire you for a small house of your own. A yurt design can be very energy efficient. Whether you use solar panels or hook your yurt up to a power line, the energy this tiny space needs is much smaller than the energy needs of a standard-sized home. Smaller appliances work more efficiently, and a yurt home uses less power to heat and cool the air. On top of everything that you are saving on your mortgage, just think about all the trips you can go on with the money you’ll be saving.

There is more to a yurt than meets the eye. The structure of a yurt design allows the structure to withstand strong winds, earthquakes, and heavy snowfall too. The strength and durability of a yurt design allow for its use in many areas around the world. The portability of a yurt is an added feature for those who want to experiment with forest, beach, or mountain living without having to commit to a permanent structure. The openness of a yurt also allows for many uses. Yurt owners can partition areas for cooking, sleeping, and eating, or, leave the entire yurt building open.

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