From Dream to Reality, This Log Home Went from 3D Design to the Real World

Log home building is quite the extensive process and while it's quite amazing to see the progression of a home building project of any type, watching a log home being built is very interesting to watch. There are so many different things that go into building a log house. The log house designs need to be decided upon and drawn out to scale so that the construction contractors and craftsmen have a template to work off of. The process of creating log house designs starts with the customer's needs and preferences and includes aspects like how many bedrooms and bathrooms will there be and how large will the kitchen and living room be designed? Will there be cathedral ceilings and a fireplace included in the design and where will things be located? The decks and patios on a log house are also determined in the design phase as well as any attached garage spaces. Great Bear Log Homes is a log home building company that works with their clients from beginning to end, to make their dream log home a reality.

First, they speak with the client about their needs, and then, using a computer program, they sketch up some ideas. The program the company uses is called Archi Cad, and it allows the clients to see a 3D model of their home. They show the photos of the home in Archi Cad and then the different angels of the home once it is all built. How incredible is that? The home was designed beautifully, with dormers and gables. On this log house, there is even a shed dormer with a carport for protective parking. You can even have a peek inside the house to see the spectacular cathedral ceilings that bring so much spaciousness to the home. There is also a nice loft area up top as well, which is always a great feature to have in a log house. This model comes from their Howqua log home design that can be modified as needed. Log home building companies are a great way to have your home built. It takes off so much of the stress that goes with building any house. The log home building companies are able to bring your dreams to reality and give you the home of your dreams while making the whole process as smooth as can be.

Great Bear Log Homes is a log home building company in Australia. The company specializes in handcrafted log homes and post and beam buildings. All of their buildings are environmentally friendly and built within the guidelines of being energy efficient. The company has many wonderful customer testimonials on their website that you can read as well, which shows how great their customer service is. They build homes in different styles as well, from chinked log houses, or full scribed Scandinavian style log houses. You can also check out some of their log homes that are currently under construction, including one in Victoria, Australia and Port Lincoln in Southern Australia. The company also handcrafts handrails and deck rails to add onto your log home, as well as log furniture to continue with the log-built theme. Log homes will always be in style, they are just such a timeless classic when it comes to housing. So check out some of the great plans including this one, from Great Bear Log Homes and see which one you like the best. Even if you are not looking to build a log home, it can be quite inspiring to have a look.

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