Find Out How This Man Built His Off-Grid Home With No Power Tools and His Own Trees

In life, there is only one way to get things done. You decide you really want something and then you just go ahead and do it. Its great to have dreams, and it is even better when you actualize them and make them your reality. That is what Jacob, the founder and creator of John Neeman Tools did when he wanted is very own log house to live. He just went ahead and built it himself. Jacob is also a craftsman and a carpenter by trade, so he did have some experience when it came to log cabin building and building structures in general, which was to his advantage. You will want some contracting knowledge especially if you are going to build your log cabin or house, even if you just teach yourself and then try out all of the information you have absorbed. The best way to learn is to practice after all.

Jacob was lucky enough to have his piece of land that he could obtain the trees from to use as the building materials while building his log house. Although it is quite a bit of work to chop down all of the trees needed for the log home building project, it would save a lot of money to use trees that are already on the property. Perhaps the trees already need to be cleared away to make room for the house that will be built on the land. This is the perfect way to use those trees is to build a house out of them. This would be the same way that settlers in North America would build houses to live in, by using the materials they could find in their surrounding environment. You also wouldn't have to haul the logs too far if they were on your property as well. All of the extra materials could be used to make furniture for the log house or be used as firewood to heat the house through the winter time.

Jacob used traditional Latvian and Timber Framing techniques to build his wood cabin, and he used all of the joining techniques so that he didn't have to use any nails, screws or metal plates in the construction of the log house. The way he built his house is documented in the great video at the Northmen YouTube channel you can watch, and he shares so much information that can help you build a wood cabin too. It is amazing to witness all of the hard work that went into the building of his cabin building, and it makes you appreciate log houses and see them in a new light. You can see him making all of the proper notches and grooves so that the logs will fit perfectly together and you can even see him using the all natural chinking to close the seals even further for the best insulation.

He shares that using Tung oil and pine or tar birch mix can help the log house last for hundreds of years. Some of the Norwegian log-built churches have lasted 500 years because they were maintained well. This is pretty impressive considering the lifespan of a conventionally built home with wood framing and drywall. So if you are interested in the process of building a log home even if you are not planning to build your log cabin or home, this video is truly inspiring to watch, and you can learn a lot from watching Jacob's wonderful video.

More about this story can be found at: Youtuber: Northmen

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