Experience the Winter Wonderland in This Alaskan Log Cabin

Winter isn't all bad, especially if you're staying in a log cabin like this one up in Fairbanks, Alaska. This could be the perfect winter retreat for anyone who wants to get out an experience a beautiful Alaskan winter complete with northern lights. It would also make for a great inspiration for those who want to build a log cabin or home of their own. It's no secret that small log cabins are some of the most charming structures in the world. People have been living and enjoying log structures for centuries, and some of the oldest log homes in Europe are over 500 years old. They are very popular in northern regions like Alaska where the temperatures drop below zero in the winter time. This Alaskan log cabin is just one of the many wood cabins near Fairbanks, Alaska.

This one belongs to Katrina who rents the cabin out on Airbnb. It's located in a private, quiet, area with great views and it's close enough to the town to enjoy some of the activities there too. You can even experience the aurora borealis from inside the home or from the deck, which is pretty unforgettable. This particular cabin accommodates up to six people and features two bedrooms with comfortable queen beds as well as a loft with a queen-sized futon.

The log cabin gives you the chance to rough it a little bit since it's a dry cabin. Well, this one has some running water in the kitchen sink and a small outdoor shower for the summer. They also have an outhouse for the toilet. So you'll get to experience roughing it while staying in this cabin and you'll have an authentic cabin experience. There is a fully stocked kitchen though with all of the appliances needed to prepare meals — a fridge to store food in and an oven and stove to cook on. The main living area has a futon that can be used for extra sleeping space so the cabin can sleep up to 4 people at a time. There is also a TV with some DVDs. The master bedroom is upstairs with a queen bed and a small sofa. Guests can enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, and mountain biking on trails just outside the front door. There are also ski trails nearby for in the winter.

The log cabin would be perfect for a small family or a couple to enjoy for a vacation or even for a small family. Small log cabins are great because they cost less to build, and they are also more affordable to heat in the long run too. There may even be a chance that you can develop your own smaller log cabin with a log cabin kit that many companies sell these days. The log cabin kit would come with all of the necessary building materials, all cut to the appropriate sizes and labelled for convenient assembly. You can also hire contractors to help you assemble these log cabin kits. If you don't want to do any of the work, you can also hire a company or a log cabin builder to build your log cabin for you and a small one like this won't take long to build at all. If you've always dreamed of having a log cabin or home, then take time to go on a vacation and stay in one or a few different wood cabins and log cabins. Maybe this one could be your first.

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