Enjoy This Beautiful Two Story Chalet in Wisconsin, United States

You'll enjoy this beautiful two-story chalet cabin building complete with 3 large bedrooms and two full-sized bathrooms. The chalet wood cabin is located in Wisconsin Dells and can accommodate up to 10 guests, with 3 bedrooms, 4 beds, and 2 bathrooms. During your vacation stay, you'll have the entire chalet to yourself. The two-story chalet is located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States. The chalet cabin building has three large bedrooms and two full-sized bathrooms. The master bathroom has a two-person jet tub.

This cozy log house offers a large wraparound deck with plenty of outdoor seating and a fire pit. The master bedroom for the chalet is on the main level and has a jetted tub. The upper level has a loft area and two additional bedrooms that share a second full bathroom. The second bedroom in the chalet has a custom log queen-sized bed while the third bedroom is furnished with two queen-sized beds.

There is so much to love about log houses, from their cozy and comfortable feel, the warmth and aesthetically pleasing details. When you properly maintain your log house it can stand the test of time and be passed from one generation to the next. Once your wood cabin is built, you will want to protect it and keep it looking its best. Some of the natural enemies your log house might face include rain, snow, wind, sun, water, and pests which can take away from the beauty of your wood cabin, the good news is that you can help deter them. You can protect your wood cabin from the elements by using some simple preventative methods along with a seasonal schedule of staining your cabin building that will help to ensure a long healthy life span for your wood cabin.

Rain and snow. Precipitation is the worst enemy of a cabin building, and there are several ways to help prevent the rain and snow from stealing the value of your wood cabin. Cleaning, staining and then sealing your wood cabin are a must and need to be done regularly, but some preventative measures will help with the winter elements. You will also want to make sure the log house has proper gutters and deep overhangs, and make sure that the decks and sidewalks drain away from the wood cabin. Y

UV Rays. The sun’s UV rays can cause damage to the surface of the logs. If these damaged wood cells are not removed, they will eventually become a food source for microfungi. As the fungi growth progresses, the logs in your wood cabin will become darker and eventually begin to rot. A solution is to keep overhangs and porches, and trees on both the south and the west side of the cabin building.

Wind. The wind can accelerate the drying and the cracking of the logs, chinking, and the caulking. Although air will help to prevent water damage, it can also be persistent in the mountains or desert and can hurt the cabin building more than it helps. The wind can have an abrasive effect on the logs when sand and dirt are pounding against the logs throughout the year. A good idea is to plant some trees on the south and the west side of the wood cabin. Position the wood cabin on the building site to avoid windy conditions.

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