Custom Timber Frame Barn Features A Basketball Court

You'll fall in love with this custom 32-foot by 50-foot timber frame barn that features a basketball court. Located in Wilton, Connecticut the owners had a specific vision and truly customized the barn building inside and out, including their very own indoor basketball court. This exceptionally designed and built custom timber frame barn features an indoor basketball court, home gym, comfortable living room with a stone fireplace, and even a full kitchen. The exterior of the barn has reclaimed barn board siding, cedar shakes in the upper gables and dormer walls, custom timber frame eyebrow roofs, timber frame accents with authentic joinery, and standing seam metal roofing.

The barn-style home has reclaimed barn board siding, custom eyebrow roof, timber frame accents, 12 foot by 20-foot enclosed lean-to-roof overhang, standing seam metal roofing, timber accents, gable view, stone chimney, reclaimed barn board siding, cedar shakes, and timber frame accents. The barn build has a 12-window transom dormer with cedar shakes, a custom timber frame eyebrow roof over full-view glass double doors, a living room in the custom timber frame barn, a stone fireplace, floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace set into the timber frame, upstairs overlooking the basketball court in the custom timber frame barn, and timber frame transom dormer interior. There is a full kitchen, queen post trusses with wedged anchor beam tenon authentic joinery, timber frame indoor basketball court, and a complete home gym under the balcony.

Being a timber frame structure, the timber frame is exposed on the interior, creating visual evidence of strength as the load-bearing posts and beams are on full display with artfully crafted and precise connections. And what a display this is. With no detail overlooked, the barn masterpiece doesn’t even begin to describe this unique timber frame structure. You'll find timber frame and every connection was designed and engineered at the Ellington, Connecticut campus. They cut the frame in their 21,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility with CNC machines and talented craftsmen. Then, the baton frame was raised on-site by their expert timber framers.

When it comes to the exterior of your home there are many natural and artificial options available. One popular exterior option is cedar, although there are several things to consider before investing in this building material. Cedar is highly attractive when stained and some varieties of cedar, such as white cedar, become increasingly aesthetically pleasing over time. Cedar may be cut into numerous styles, such as beveled or traditional shingles or shakes. It maintains a timeless appeal that most other forms of siding attempt to emulate. This visual appeal of cedar is complimented by superior sound and thermal insulation.

Another benefit of using cedar is that it is completely biodegradable, making it an excellent option for green homes. It may easily be painted and stained to acquire the look you desire. It is also suitable for use with almost any architectural style. Unlike most alternatives, cedar is easy to install, making it an excellent DIY project. Properly maintained, cedar siding may last as long as 75 years and may be pre-stained to add additional weatherproofing.

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