Creative Log Cabin Design With Stunning Interior

This stunning log cabin building from Land's End Development combines rustic with contemporary finishes for a log cabin that shines. The Leech Lake cabin building is a dream build that has plenty of features that make it the perfect vacation cabin at the lake. The exterior of the cabin building has a front patio that overlooks the lake, with a wooden path that leads to the shoreline. The front of the wood cabin has a screened in porch perfect for those lazy days when you want to sit back and relax. Once inside you'll find beautiful finishes with a lot of reclaimed wood that adds to the wood cabins rustic appeal. The ceiling uses reclaimed wood, along with a barn door into the main floor bathroom.

The great room is amazing with a floor to ceiling stone fireplace that is the focal point of the room. The kitchen has modern appliances with wooden cabinets and reclaimed wood throughout. The Leech Lake cabin building has a bunk room perfect for the kids, and a master bedroom with views of the lake. Upstairs is another bedroom that is built into the room. This Leech Lake cabin building has plenty of inspiration throughout with all sorts of details that make this wood cabin stand out.

When it comes to green-building, a cabin building is a good way to build green. Building green, from the design stage to the log house construction is the right thing to do, both environmentally, and economically. Using wood in your log cabin design helps to create a building that is ecologically sound, aesthetically pleasing and also energy efficient. Timber that comes from forests that are well-managed forests is a great environmental choice. A cabin building or a log house is a healthy and comfortable build that has lower energy consumption overall. A cabin building also reduces the impact that building has on human health. A cabin building in all the stages from log house site selection, log house construction, maintenance and demolition are better for the environment. A cabin building design is a natural and easy way to make a difference for the environment. Wood and logs are building materials that help to reduce greenhouse gases and stores carbons. A healthy sustainable forest is a readily available solution to climate change. An acre of healthy growing trees can help to absorb about three tons of carbon dioxide and releases approximately two tons of oxygen. As the tree ages and the growth slows, fewer carbons are absorbed from the atmosphere.

There are other benefits to using wood building products in your log house and cabin building design. Wood building materials need the least amount of energy to manufacture them and has the lowest impact on both air and water quality. Wood is a natural building material, so it does not have any of the toxic by-products that are associated with other building materials when they are being manufactured. Wood is the only major building material that is completely renewable.

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