Cozy Cute Vintage Mountain Trailer

Taos, New Mexico is known for its beautiful sunsets and mountainscapes making it a favourite vacation spot for many people. That and beautiful warm weather paired with cute accommodations around every corner, travelling to New Mexico is more than just a regular vacation. You can take the vintage vacation of your dreams, allowing yourself to be transported to a simpler time before Instagram posts and status updates. Although, you'll totally want to take advantage of the Insta-worthy backdrops while staying at a cute vintage trailer like this vibrant yellow 1954 Silver Dome travel trailer. A blast from the past, the restored trailer is now outfitted with modern plumbing and updated features, but it still has that nostalgia of the 60s and 70s. The exterior is painted a beautiful sunshine yellow with its original doors and windows left intact. A private patio with retro style woven bucket seats welcomes you to spend time taking in the sunsets and incredible views. Inside, the Midcentury Modern-inspired interior makes the trailer feel cozy and homey, almost like you've stepped through a portal to another time. With the wood panelling left in place, the rest of the trailer has been updated with new carpeting, furniture and blinds. They kept the retro vibe alive and well with a vintage sofa and colourful accessories. The coffee table is also a nice touch with a wood slab top and angled legs which are very customary to midcentury modern furniture. Guests have full access to the trailer during their stay so you can treat it like it's your own, with plenty of books to read in the living room and lots to do outside too.

One thing all guests love is the way the sun shines in through the many windows, and how they open the trailer up to the surrounding views of the mountains. Plus, the skies are filled with stars in the night sky thanks to there hardly being any light pollution out there. The space also has a dining table to eat homecooked meals at, plus a mini-fridge, microwave, stove and sink. So it's nice to know you can go grocery shopping once you're there and then cook your own meals up. There's even a bathroom on board, so you don't have to worry about trecking to a bathroom building or using an outhouse. It even features a bathtub and a shower which is always nice to have in your own private space. The bedroom holds a full sized bed with a brand new mattress and fresh, clean linens as well as a built-in vanity. For additional sleeping space, the sofa in the living rooms pulls out into another full sized bed. But this trailer would be best suited for two people to share.

On colder nights there is heat from the radiant heaters, for the hot desert weather, there are fans all throughout the home to keep air circulating. The windows also open up to let the cool mountain air in. All of the electrical outlets work, and there is wireless internet, so you don't have to unplug completely. There are a few other vintage trailers on the property that are available for rent, and there is a fire pit in a large, fully fenced yard. The owner of the property also lives there in a 1957 Spartan Imperial Villa mobile home. So you can enjoy the company of other guests and the owner of the property if you like. You can also bring your dogs for an extra fee per night, so you don't have to leave your furry friends at home while you're on vacation. One thing to keep in mind is that the property is 400 yards on a gravel road so it can be harder for small cars to drive on especially in the snow. In the area, you'll see a lot of interesting homes from other vintage mobile homes, to earth ships and biodomes and other modular homes.

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