Beautiful Double Wide Tiny House w/ Additional Slide Out!

The Wohlwagen Model XL is a 46 square meter tiny home built from 2 combined trolleys. The tiny home has a walk-in closet, a 120cm shower or bathtub, and a large, rotating fireplace. The tiny house has a second bay window, as a guest room, which increases the living space to 54 square meters. The Wohlwagen is great for two people with a sleeping/working area that can be separated by sliding doors. Like all models, the XL can also be customized. For transport, separate both halves and move them individually.

The possibilities of using the Wohlwagen are widely spread. It can be used as the main residence (also self-sufficient), in multiple units even for families with children, as a private retreat alone or in pairs, additional room for growing families, or as a studio. Other uses of the Wohlwagen can include as a guest house, garden sauna, holiday residence, mobile office, therapy room, yoga studio, kindergarten extension, workshop, as a hotel complex in the form of several carriages, youth room, seasonal information center, mobile restaurant, shower trolley, conference room or as an advertising medium, there are hardly any limits to your imagination.

The designs, facilities, and divisions of the wagons shown in the wagon models and the equipment and price lists are only examples. They are happy to try to implement your ideas. To build the Wohlwagen the company buys trees in surrounding forests from strictly sustainable forestry, separates them into boards on their gate saw, dry to the point for the respective use in the drying chamber, and manufactures the entire car, including the windows, doors, and furniture. The chassis is manufactured in a neighboring workshop with more than 10 years of partnership, completely from new parts.

The German-made Wohlwagen is to be connected to the public networks, for example via a nearby building, classic installations are used. The car then has water, sewage, and electricity connection. However, every car can also be operated completely autonomously. Wohlwagen will coordinate the necessary technology with you on the planned use and the first stand. Interesting is always the easiest way for the desired result. Preparation for a later planned self-sufficient operation is also possible. They then lay the necessary pipes in walls, in the floor, and the ceiling.

Winter suitability. All well-cars are insulated suitably for winter. The oven also quickly brings a cooled car to the feel-good temperature at significant subzero temperatures. For year-round living, it is recommended an increase in insulation to 140 mm (for an extra charge) for the single cars which are equipped with only 80 mm insulation by default in the long outsides. Consumption of approximately 3 m3 of dry hardwood firewood or alternatives can be expected.

Apart from the steel chassis, the car consists of Larch, Pine, and young Spruce. Particleboard is not used in any case. The insulation can be made entirely of sheep's wool, which is biocidal-free and permanently protected against eating insects. For this purpose, an inorganic salt is firmly connected to the virgin wool fiber in the laundry at about 40 degrees.

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