A Stilt Built Tiny Beach House in Mississippi

You'll want to take a look inside this beautifully designed tiny beach house. The tiny home is a bird watchers paradise, located just 2 blocks from the beach on the Blues Trail. The modern tiny home design is nestled in a live oak 14 feet off the ground. The unique tiny house design is an easy getaway for anyone looking to relax, ride a kayak, or ride bikes. The tiny house design is located in Waveland, Mississippi, just 55 minutes to New Orleans. Most of the year, there is a native garden that is buzzing with hummingbirds, birds, and butterflies. The best part is that this tiny house on stilts is available to rent, making it the perfect place to get away and relax, and to see what tiny house living is all about. The owners of the tiny home suggest observing the butterflies and birds from the balcony with your coffee in the AM and from the couches located underneath the tiny house with a cocktail in the PM. The modern tiny house design meets coastal comfort in this 576 square foot tiny home. The tiny home is 15 feet in the trees with 19-foot elevated ceilings, which helps to create a unique environment for a coastal retreat. The modern tiny house design is an open space, that is inspiring for its visitors. Their native garden also has mint, basil, and rosemary which you can help yourself to.

The tiny house design vacation rental has 2 bikes that are provided for use, just a two-block walk to the beach, 2.5 miles to Bay St Louis, MS with historic artist downtown with shopping and dining, and kayak rentals too. The fishing pier is located just 2 blocks away. This tiny house on stilts has a limited capacity of 2 adults. There is no television, but really fast internet. The tiny house also doesn't have a microwave but does have a stovetop.

This tiny house design has an interesting story that begins in August of 2005 when the owner's lives were changed in a way they could have never expected with Hurricane Katrina. Their house was demolished in the storm and a tiny house design was an affordable way to rebuild. Fast forward to today and this 24 foot by 24-foot floorplan with its 12 foot to 19-foot high ceilings is everything they could have wanted in a home. It's nice that you get to enjoy seeing the 100plus-year-old live oak tree that survived the storm. On the southside of the tiny house design, the home takes advantage of passive solar heating and is also shaded by the tree, with the energy efficiency allowing for income to be spent elsewhere.

After the storm the owners chose to treasure the relics of their formers lives, with the only tangible reminder their home in the memories of little feet running into a 100 yr old house, azaleas, and honeysuckle on a tamed property, listening to afternoon thunderstorms while rocking on the porch. Sadly their home was washed away in a blink of an eye.

More about this story can be found at: Pye's Tiny Eco Beach House

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